How to write ad copy that sells

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how to write ad copy

Are you tired of wasting your money and time placing ads that never get noticed? then, there is something you aren’t getting right. writing an ad that attracts customers requires a little effort.

Here, I am going to teach you the secret to put a customer in buying mood with your copy. Anyone can do it… even you!

Its easy when you implement what I am about to teach you.

The good news is, you can learn how to write very compelling ad copy if you pay close attention to the information I am about to reveal to you here.

You must write to convince people to take action.

Here is an indispensable guideline to follow when writing your ad copy.

Write a Compelling Headline.

You have just a few seconds to capture your visitor’s attention to sell them to read on. Your headline must draw the reader and want to read more till the end of your copy.

EXAMPLEs: “Stop being an internet marketing failure” “Discover 10 vital things you need to
do right now!” This headline will draw anyone, who is struggling to make sales on the
internet, to want to read more.


It slows the reader down and interrupts the flow of your message. Use bold to emphasize and underlined to really emphasize your points.

Write Your Copy In An Enticing Fashion

Keep it compelling and write to draw the person who reads it, to want
more and more. You can use an interactive format, an enticing format or both.

Write Your Copy So Each Point Flows Smoothly To The Next

This is very important otherwise you will lose the reader. Don’t be afraid of writing long copy. If you write it correctly, people will follow it all the
way through.

Request Testimonials Of Your Sales

Testimonials offer credibility and are important to your success. Your sales will suffer without them. If you are having trouble getting some, you might consider offering your service/products free to 3-5 people to get some well-written testimonials. Add your testimonial into your copy

Free From Errors

If you have just one misspelt word or one incomplete thought, you will be scratching your head wondering why you are not getting sales.

Keep Your Sentences And Paragraphs As Short as Possible

It makes it easier for the reader. If they have the tendency to scroll down before reading your letter, it won’t look like a bad thing to read through.
Include the word “You” and “your”. The customer must see how this will benefit them and not you.

Talk About The Benefit Of Your Copy

The benefits are the only thing a prospect is interested in. You create the value of your copy when you talk about the benefits.

Give Your Contact Information.

Your name and/or business name, address, including your state, city, phone number and email address. people will think you are hiding if you don’t include your contact information.

Providing contact information also demonstrates your willingness to perform customer service. By giving your contact information, you are making the customer feel at ease when they consider placing an order with you.

Add Free Bonuses

Give as much value as you can by adding free bonuses to your offer. This will be the edge you will have over your competition.

Always place your free bonuses below your pricing. it adds more value to your offer

Remove Skepticism

If your offer sounds too good to be true, you will have to do the following: Increase your price or justify how you are able to offer so much for a little fee. You must remove as much skepticism as possible in order
to achieve maximum profits.

Sometimes you can have a product/service that is so good, it’s hard for people to believe you can deliver what you say for a little amount.


Writing Effective copy doesn’t happen the first time you attempt to write it. write your copy, and then go back to it the next day. Re-read it loud and you will soon discover you still have more work to do and do it.

You will know how effective your copy is when you measure it against how many people read it, versus how many bought it.

Give 3-5 friends to proof your copy. Ask them to look for spelling errors, grammar mistakes, vague or incomplete thoughts, and report back to you if they find a mistake. Tell them to give you their honest feedback.

Once you develop a sales letter that gets a 10% response it’s easy to just sit back and settle for that. Don’t. Your entire focus should be on marketing and creating a better result once you have made a commitment to a product or service you plan to sell.

Write your copy as if you are talking to a customer’s face to face. Avoid talking at them, but rather, with them. Avoid using complex words or concepts. Find a balance that grade student would understand, without
insulting anyone’s intelligence.

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