How To Optimize Your Google My Business

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how to optimize google my business
how to optimize google my business

To dominate your local search and get more customers to your business, you must learn how to optimize your Google my business account. Getting your business to be seen online, You have to make sure that your google my business account is well optimized to get search traffics.

About 80% of people search online for products and services that they need using search engines. Google has been the No 1 search engines that
people use to make their searches online.

If you really wanna grow your business fast, leverage Google search.

Local marketing is now one of the top buzz words to hit the streets, and nothing is more important to brick and mortar businesses than being
part of the local community and really standing out from their competition.

Google My Business is a great tool to grow your business, once you have set everything up correctly and ensure that your business follows these
guidelines that I will teach you here.

If you follow everything I am going to teach you here and do it correctly, your leads and sales will increase. because interested, potentials
customers, clients will begin to locate your business.

The purpose of this guide is to teach you exactly what you need to do to optimize your google my business account.
When it comes to local search results, this is how you fully optimize google my business. This will begin to drive massive amounts of traffic as well as interested people right into your business and marketing funnel.

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What is Google My Business?

Google’s My Business feature puts you right on the search engine map (literally), in organic results, so that your clients can find you quickly and easily.

Google My Business is the new beginning point for all local SEO audits. My Business Dashboard contains a bundle of information that can
help you get started on the right foot.

More than that is making sure all of the information on the business page is accurate and follows Google’s business guidelines, as they tend to change rather often.

One of the best ways to have a successful business is to do exactly what Google says.
The very first step to optimizing your Google My Business listing is to meet all of the quality guidelines.

Who is this guide for?

I’ve tailored this presentation specifically for attorneys who are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of their marketing efforts. Google’s local algorithm is always changing. what may work today, may not work tomorrow. this guide is meant to be as straightforward and white hat as possible.

Google wishes to give its users the best possible experience and in most circumstances, any user that contacts your page will have a much
better experience if there is sufficient information for the potential client or customer to decide if you are what they are looking for.

Here are the steps to take to optimize your google my business listing

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Verify your page to optimize your google my business listing

In order to continue with any of the next steps, we need to make sure your Google My Business listing is verified. You’re very limited on optimization options until this step is completed—that’s why I prioritize it.

To check if your business is verified, you can use a special tool from Google.

All you have to do here is sign in with your Google account, choose the business you want to check, and then you will see its verification status as shown below.

how to optimize google my business listing

Ensure your Google My Business Page has gone through the verification process

Attach your Google My Business page to your custom domain e-mail address

There are a thousand reasons why you should complete this step, but honestly, the top reason, in my opinion, is for legitimacy.

If you own, make sure your registered e-mail address that is attached to the Google My Business account is instead of

Get the e-mail address through your web provider or set-up one here, it’s simple and well worth it.
Get rid of that ugly and get yourself an e-mail address that is attached to your business name. and use it to register your Google My Business account.

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Business Name

Google runs on a trust factor and if you have different words in your business name running wild across the Web, Google views that as spammy and untrustworthy. And say goodbye to your rankings!

Google says your name should reflect your business’ real-world name, as used consistently on your storefront, website stationery, and as known to customers

You can view all of Google’s naming guidelines here.

If you believe your business name was inputted incorrectly, you can change it on your business dashboard. For security purposes, if you do change your business name, Google will likely require a re-verification phone call or postcard

Local Address

Make sure the address on your page is 100% accurate. You should check with USPS to verify its accuracy. You can do so on their website. Do not add silly stuff like more accurate directions, cross streets, and descriptions that have no business being in the address field.
P.O. boxes are not allowed per Google’s address guidelines, so make sure it’s a local address.

Another important point to mention: If you need to put a mailbox or suite number in your address, make sure you list your physical address on Line 1 and put the mailbox or suite number on Line 2. I’ve heard many horror stories about people doing this incorrectly and having an effect on rankings.

Make sure your business address on your Google My Business page is 100% accurate.

Phone Number

The listed phone number on your Google My Business page should be the local phone number associated to your office location. Please do not use an 800 number. Make sure your local phone number includes the area code and is the direct number that will reach your business.

Website URL.

Make sure your website URL or landing page URL is listed on your Google My Business page—specifically the URL that correlates best with the business location listed.

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Choosing The Right Categories For Your Listing

Google has devoted a lot of time to ensuring that Google My Business listing is sufficiently categorized correctly so that users can quickly locate and find the business and services that they need.

Typically, Google will show the first several categories to help users decide the best listings to examine specifically when it comes to displaying local search results.

Additional categories will be displayed when the user clicks to see more information, but the first several choices are the most important and
should be a complete reflection on the actual business services and/or practices.

If you do not choose the right categories, you can run into conflict with Google’s algorithm that makes sure that what people are searching for
is what they will see.

Find the most appropriate and relevant categories in which to list your business

Hours of Operation

List your correct business hours on this page. Remember, if you have varying seasonal hours, you need to remind yourself to come back and change them when needed. Updates to the hours of operation section can take up to a day. Be sure to list accurate business hours.

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Write Good, Powerful and Simple Descriptions

When creating descriptions for your Google My Business page, you must understand about and put yourself in the user’s shoes.
For example, you may have chosen the category of bookstore, but what you are actually is a used bookstore so your description should immediately inform the visitor
and give them a reason to click on other information about your business or to contact you or visit you.

Your goal is to create a short but powerful description which should be to convey your unique selling proposition immediately so that people
visiting will realize exactly what it is you have to offer and follow through with you.
Keep in mind Google is already using your categories and geography as well as your location to determine when your business will show up in
local searches.

This means your description is essentially a critical component to converting leads into sales. Keep it simple and effective!
Let people know exactly what it is you can do for them.

Write a 150 to 300-word unique description about your business with proper links to corresponding pages

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Upload Photos

The business photos section of your Google My Business page is separated into sections, the first being your identity photos. The three images you need to upload that are crucial to how your listing appears in search results are:

  • Profile photo
  • Logo image
  • Cover photo

Upload the proper identity photos. These images are crucial for click-through rates. If a visitor sees a photo next to your business in the map results that makes no sense, it might discourage them from clicking. I recommend uploading a high-quality logo file.

The cover photo should accurately convey your business value and be large enough to support a full-screen view mode. In other words, don’t use a tiny photo.

Get Customers review

Google appreciates customer reviews so much that typically they will show up and get top billing even from other sources.
Make no mistake REAL and positive reviews MUST be part of your local marketing. NEVER pay for phony reviews! The search engines are getting
very good at detecting bogus reviews.

Smart marketers do NOT try to game the system rather they have mechanisms to reward honest reviews and in doing so get the people who are
posting these to do so honestly.

If you want your GMB listing to begin to perform better, getting regular reviews from a variety of your customers or clients are an
absolute must.


Make sure your profile is at 100% complete. Double-check that your Google My Business profile is 100% complete.

Having your business appear in Google maps is ALSO an exercise in the number of overall citations that your business has.
The better the quality of the citation the more relevant it is to help you rank especially with other local citations that combined together
to create an effective support mechanism to make your page(s) appear more frequently when localized searches are done.

Citations are mentions of your business (NAP) in local, regional and national search engines, directories and other local websites.

Citations are essential to send ranking signals for local searches and are the best way to push traffic in your direction.

Getting your business to rank locally requires one other important aspect to your marketing; the number of HIGH-QUALITY citations equal to or
greater than the current ranking competition.

So one of the ways you can determine the number of citations that you need is by researching your competition, and then using their citations as a kind of metric or guide for ranking in your local arena.

More Information

One more thing here that is important to note – citations are powerful social signals to localized search engine results. The more listings
you have the more “mini – traffic machines” you have working on your behalf so get as many of these gems as you can.
Your goal should be to get as many citations like this for your local business.

Here are list of citation sites you can sign up

Everything you need in the local market to grow your business has been included in this guide. Put Google to work,

Understand that the more information Google has about your business the more you will begin to dominate in the searches in your local market.

Please stick to your daily work and in time you will be one of the top businesses appearing at the top of local searches for your industry.

If you’d like for us to take care of this entire process for you, we can help for a small one-time investment Contact Us Now

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