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What is copywriting

Have you ever wondered what the term “copywriting” is all about?

You must have seen this word when surfing the web, reading an email or article or a WhatsApp post or hear a friend mention it in a conversation.

You are not alone!

Copywriting is a concept that has been misunderstood by many people including the entrepreneurs.

My goal is to provide a possible and clear answer to all your numerous copywriting questions.

Follow me closely!

A brief history

Copywriting has been in existence since the first printed material came into the world in 1477 in Babylonian times, the printed material was said to promote the sale of a prayer book.

After the mass printing process was carried out in 1605, newspapers were produced and sold in the street.

The first English paper “Oxford Gazette” (now London Gazette) was produced in 1664, the first official and independent copywriter was John Emory Powers (1837-1919), He worked full-time producing newspaper in the Department stores of Lord &Taylor and Wanamaker by creating six ads every week.

During this period, copywriting was placed on a low value until the 1800s share copywriting was greatly unavoidable till date. But, least appreciated and least understood.

What then is COPYWRITING?

Many successful copywriters define copywriting as “Salesmanship/Saleswomanship in print”. It is using the written word to sell a product/service which involve 24/7.

Copywriting is a skill that enables you to turn words into cash. It is the ability to persuade, convince and appeal to the emotions of your viewers, readers, or customers to pull out their wallet and buy, sign up or register for any product/service you are selling or rendering – Henry N.Precious.

“Any organization that does not include copywriting in its business agenda, is greatly behind its competitors”

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Who is a copywriter?

Good question!

A copywriter is a person who engages in writing copies that converts potential clients into customers.

The good news is that;

As a copywriter you can decide to work for an agency or an organization, and you can decide to work as a Freelancer, working from anywhere in the world at your convenience, with your desired clients and on your desired project.

What do copywriters do?

Copywriters engage in writing different form of copies like newsletters, sales letters, direct mail, television scripts, social media posts, landing page, blog content, web content, articles for magazine, SEO writing, technical writing, and email copies.

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With these different forms of copies, copywriters achieve the goal of doubling the revenue of a company with a compelling copy that converts potential clients into customers.

Is Copywriting all about INTELLECTUAL WRITING?

No, it is not!

If copywriting was about intellectual/academic writing, then all the professors and teachers will be successful copywriters today.

But, it has nothing to do with intellectual writing with rich vocabularies.
It is all about understanding your audience, what they want and a solution to their problems and putting down words that can persuade them to take actions that will solve that problem.

But, most people do not know that this profession exists, a profession that does not require you to be an English scholar or a degree holder. Anyone can become a copywriter.

“It is the least understood and least appreciated but a high income skill”

Why is copywriting important?

Copywriting is important because, with the help of a compelling copy(offer) you can sell to thousands and millions of people all over the globe with just one copy, without spending extra cash on advertisement.

It is a skill that can transform your financial life when you master it.

A special skill it really is!

Why copywriting today?

In today’s world, copywriting is a must-have skill for anyone either as a student, as a housewife/husband, as an employee/employer, as a small business entrepreneur/ multi-billion dollar entrepreneur.

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Copywriters are ever needed in any industry ranging from Health, Fashion, Marketing, Food, or Entertainment industries.

Gone are the days when copywriters need to obtain a degree.

All you need today, is Smartphone /PC, Internet connection, interest, Passion, Training and a Mentor.

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What is the difference between “Copywriting” and “Copyright”?

So many people mistake the word copywriting to mean copyright. This has been the case since the inception of copywriting.

“Copyright” is the legal right given to a person to publish, copy and distribute a piece of writing, music or any work of an author.

This term copyright, is not in any way related to “Copywriting” which is the act of writing copies that persuade anyone to take action.

And it is not copying an already written copy to be printed.


Becoming a copywriter is a very profitable business. As you learn the hacks of Becoming a better copywriter you would have to choose the type of copywriter you want to be.

Either as a “Specialist copywriter “- These copywriters have more experience because they work in a particular industry and on a particular project. For instance, Health industry, Food industry.

They are always sorted after because they specialize in one niche. OR you would want to become a ” Generalist copywriter” – one who is new in the business of copywriting.

Here you do not niche down your copywriting business and you can apply for job in any industry and work on any kind of project.

Are you still confused about the term Copywriting and You want more tips?, do let me know in the comment section below.


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