Online Business Ideas to Start in 2021

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Online business idea

The number of Internet users and the amount of business done online around the world is growing at a staggering rate. People are searching for information to solve a particular problem online. Here in this article, I am going to disclose the best online business ideas that you can start and make money.

With research, Google receives over 70,000 searches per second on any given day. now, calculate how many searches this will be at the end of the day. think of how many searches other search engines get per day.

We have more than 40 different search engines where people are searching for information online.

The future is bright for businesses that utilize the Internet as a primary medium of communication and sales.

Communicating with customers and other businesses has changed dramatically. It started with print, then radio, television, phone, and fax, and now all of us are operating in the fastest medium. which is leveraging the internet.

The benefit

Having a business online is the opportunity of our lifetime. All businesses that have a Web presence are seeing the advantages of selling online. They are committing more and more of their marketing dollars to online activities, where they are seeing a greater return on investment.

The expansion of the Internet into all business and personal communications is inevitable. The time is now for everyone to get online. The opportunity is there for you to create a dynamite business online if you do it right. It’s not a matter of creating a website, putting it online, and having the world beat a path to your door.

You have to choose the right business from the online business ideas I am going to share with you here, and develop the right website for your target market, and build substantial traffic to your website.

The online customer is extremely demanding, with expectations that exceed those of the offline buyer in many ways.

Online buyers want what they want, how they want it, when they want it, at the right price. The product and service must be exactly what they ordered, delivered immediately to the correct place, and for the lowest price they can find.


Competition is a must, so you have to create a professional and secure online presence for your business, target the demographic of Internet users with an affinity for your product or service, and work diligently to attract traffic. You have to learn how to do marketing research to successfully access and captivate these eyeballs.

Run a successful business and go global from the comfort of your living room. Hours are flexible, and the business is operational 24 hours a day. No matter how small your online business is, if you set it up correctly, you can compete with the big companies.

Define Your Objective

Before starting any of the online business ideas I have listed here. it is very important that you clearly define your objectives. Take your time, brainstorm with family and friends. Find out what’s really important to you, and then find a business that you can build that will help you achieve those objectives.

Here are series of questions to ask yourself when defining your objectives, before starting any of the online business ideas listed below.

What type of time commitment do you want?

Do you want this to be a full-time or a part-time endeavor? The options are wide open. Many online businesses are ideal for extra income to leverage your regular salary and make the budget of daily life easier to manage.

The beauty of working online is that it’s sustainable without having to quit your regular job. The point is that you should allocate in your business plan how much time you are willing to spend, and then you can decide which online businesses fit with the time you are willing to invest.

Are you going to work from home or have an outside office?

Where you work is important too. For many, a major benefit of having an online business is the luxury of working from home. Another advantage is to work while you travel or from remote areas.

Not all online businesses guarantee complete mobility and staying home, but you can decide on these critical lifestyle options before choosing which specific online avenue to pursue.

What kind of start-up costs are you considering?

Budget is everything. Research the investment you will have to put into the website. Ask around to see how much people are spending on their online presence, and remember that you can grow gradually as funds and profits permit with an online business.

There is no rule saying you have to spend everything you’ve got in the beginning to succeed in the long term.

Would you like to develop an idea and sell it, or sustain the management and grow the business in the future?

Want to run your business from home but not have to be there 24/7 to answer the phone? No problem! For every challenge, there is an opportunity.

There are companies that will answer and screen your calls based on the scripts you provide. Provide information to your callers, take your orders and messages, and offer a whole myriad of professional and personal services.

What are your revenue and profit expectations?

How rich do you want to be? Seriously, there is huge potential for major profit in online business. While picking the right virtual business for you, make sure to factor in the start-up costs and continuing operating costs. Begin with a modest revenue projection (to stay on the safe side), and if the result pleases you, stick with it.

Do you want employees, or are you looking for a business you can start and maintain on your own?

If you are planning to have a staff to run your business, how many are you comfortable with? Employees are an added responsibility. If the online business you choose to enter requires employees, make sure you are prepared.

What do you know and comfortable with? What do you enjoy? If you are going to be spending lots of hours in your new online business, it might as well be doing something you enjoy.

Once these questions have been answered with regard to defining your objectives, it is time to take a closer look at all the online business ideas that are available to you.

Here are the list of the best Online Business Ideas you can think of and start making money.

Online Business Ideas to Make You Money

Online business idea

1. Ad Network Online Business Idea

Ad networks are among the top methods of online advertising. The “network” component is organizing the sale of ads and finding high-traffic sites on which to place the banner ads or hyperlinks for your clients. Ad networks are just like other ad agencies. They research Websites that attract the target demographic of their clients.

You make money from the percentage of advertising dollars that you retain during each campaign.

The knowledge of online advertising techniques is an asset to run this type of business. If you decide to offer banner ad design services, knowledge of graphic design would benefit your business by eliminating the costs associated with outsourcing to a graphic designer.

Want to start this online business idea? Check out this article to learn how to start an Ad Network Business

2. Apartment Locator Online Business Idea

Moving to a new city is never easy. Everyone needs a place to live, but not everybody has the time to look for one. This is a problem that is being solved by many businesses in major cities across the world.

Many savvy individuals are launching their own apartment locator Websites and are turning quite a profit from doing so.

Your main source of income will be referral fees from rental offices of apartments, and other real estate structures. You could also charge a fee for sublets, apartment sharing, and private rental listings.

Another way to run this type of business would be to set up a searchable database. Those with apartments to rent or sublet would pay a fee to add their listing.

People looking for an apartment would search based on specific criteria such as location, maximum rent, number of bedrooms, etc.

This business is great for someone with a thorough grasp of the available living space in the local area and basic Web publishing skills. there should be a clear communicator via e-mail and phone with your clients and the owners of rental buildings so they take you seriously.

Check out this article to learn how to start an apartment locator business

3. Art Supply Store Online Business Idea

Today everyone is buying products and services online, even artists. The number of potential customers for an art supply store is tremendous. Many artists go online to buy supplies such as paint, canvas, brushes, carving tools, and more.

The Internet makes it easy for artists to buy products, especially uncommon supplies that are not carried by your local art supply store. Offering uncommon supplies also enables you to practice niche marketing and can produce high returns for your business.

Check out this article to learn how to start an Art Supply Store business

4. Association Management Online Business Idea

The number of associations related to different industries and interests is phenomenal. Many of these associations cannot afford to hire (or do not have the volume to warrant hiring) one or more full-time employees to handle the dayto- day administrative duties involved with running the association.

Associations are now outsourcing all of these administrative duties to an association management firm.

Read this article to learn how to start an association management business

5. Online Auction Business Idea

Online auction websites are one of the fastest-growing businesses on the Internet today. Almost everyone knows at least one person who has either bought or sold a product through an online auction service such as eBay or Yahoo!

An auction is a system of buying and selling products or services by offering them for bidding. allowing people to bid and selling to the highest bidder.

Once an item is placed for sale, the auctioneer will start at a relatively low price to attract a large number of bidders. The price increases each time someone makes a new, higher bid until finally, no other bidders are willing to offer more than the most recent bid, and the highest bidder takes the item

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6. Auto Advice

An auto advice is when you provide people with valuable information when it comes to buying, selling, and maintaining an automobile

Through providing sound advice to visitors wondering how to solve a problem with their current automobile or whether or not to purchase a certain year or make of automobile, you have the opportunity to develop a nice little business.

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7. Banner Ad Design Online Business Idea

One of the primary forms of advertising on the Internet today is through banner advertisements placed on high-traffic Websites. Banner ads quite often are designed by a graphic designer. With the Internet growing at an exponential rate, more small businesses are going online.

Most of these small businesses can’t afford to have their own in-house graphic designer, so they have to outsource the creation of their ads to outside firms.

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8. Online Beauty Product Business Idea

Buying beauty products online is very popular with busy female professionals. They have certain brands they buy regularly, know what they want, and have very little time for shopping. Sometimes they are looking for special products that are not carried by regular vendors.

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9. Blogging

A blog is a Website or part of a Website that can be used to post news, thoughts, and updates as well as interact with others. Many people use blogs and would be quite happy to use a blog service where they can quickly and easily develop and maintain their blog on a blog portal.

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10. Online Bookstore Business Idea

Online book store

Online bookstores are one of the most widely accepted forms of online businesses. You can start an online bookstore that sells many titles, but for a more targeted approach, you may consider starting a bookstore that specializes in a particular type of book.

Read this article to learn How to Start an Online Bookstore Business

11. Business Broker

The number of people who want to go into business for themselves is increasing every day. There are thousands of potential entrepreneurs and investors searching for new business opportunities daily. This provides you with the perfect opportunity to make money online by becoming a business broker

A business broker is an individual or company that assists mainly in the purchase and sale of small, main street businesses. Their tasks include helping companies to secure a favorable price, submit paperwork correctly, and fulfill any licensing and permitting requirements.

Read this article to learn How to become a business broker

12. Business Opportunity Center

Developing a business opportunity center is a great resource for your target market and a good way to bring in some additional income. You can create a website where people can post resumes and businesses can post available opportunities.

You can earn money by selling advertising on your website and by allowing businesses to subscribe to your website, whereby they receive information pertinent to their needs, or you can allow businesses to feature their opportunity (e.g., franchise).

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13. Business Plan Writing Service

There is an abundance of budding entrepreneurs out there with great ideas but who lack the writing and organizational skills to produce a professional business plan. The Internet is the ideal medium to provide this service, so why not create a business plan writing service online?

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14. Cartoon/Joke Writer Online Business Idea

There are many options available to you online if you have a knack for humor or cartoon sketching. A common trend found across humor websites is the inclusion of an opt-in mail list a joke of the day, a quote of the week, or the like.

Many websites make their money by allowing other companies to sponsor their mail list or newsletter based on a CPM (cost per thousand) basis. These sites also often sell banner advertising opportunities as well. Some of these websites will allow the reproduction of the cartoons or jokes they develop for a fee.

As a freelance artist, you have the option of doing custom work for other companies that they could then include in their media. Depending on your objectives, you may wish to expand your services to include Web icon design, gifts, cards, advertising, and apparel.

15. Classified Ads Online Business Idea

Building an online classified ads business is proving to be a very successful concept. While people generally expect to be able to post text-based ads for free, you can generate income by allowing people to post enhanced advertisements (e.g., ads with pictures) or classified ads with hypertext links to a Website.

Additional revenue would come from direct advertising sales (e.g., banner ads). An option you may wish to consider is setting up an e-mail system for your users, where they can register for a free e-mail account. You could then send them advertisements based on their opt-in preferences.

16. Commercial Cleaning Business Idea

This type of business would operate offline but would use the Web as a communication and promotional medium with its target market. Your Website would promote your services, and you might decide to include a free-quote option or the ability to set up corporate accounts online.

A few of the services you could include are:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Wall washing
  • Floor cleaning
  • Draperies cleaning
  • Water, smoke, and fire damage restoration
  • Air-quality testing.

17. Community Events Website

This business takes advantage of several of the primary strengths of the Internet. dynamic presentation of information, and quick and easy accessibility. Community events usually are posted in the newspaper or occasionally are advertised on television.

Finding and attending one of these events can be quite a hassle, especially for people working in an office all day. The purpose of a community event Website is to provide easy, up-to-date access to a complete list of community events.

By using the Internet to dynamically present this information, you will gain a significant advantage over newspapers and television. With the right online marketing strategy, you will have a lot of traffic. You will make your money primarily through advertising.

18. Concierge Service

As the number of jet-set traveling business-people rises, a serious demand develops for concierge services that originate online and then turn into a high-touch service once the client is within your geographic area.

Today’s online concierge service has many advantages over what the word previously meant. The client finds and interacts with you through your Web site.

19. Cookbooks and Recipes

The popularity of online cooking and recipe Websites is growing constantly. Similar to purchasing a traditional offline cookbook at a bookstore, many people are now turning to the Web to find their latest recipes and purchase their cookbooks online.

There are a few ways that you can make money with this type of business. Since your website will receive highly targeted traffic, you will provide an excellent advertising opportunity for cooking, food, or kitchen-related businesses.

You can sell cookbooks and other cooking-related publications directly from your website. You can also charge a membership fee for this type of business whereby only members would be able to access certain sections of the site by way of a user ID and password.

20. CopyWriting Online Business Idea

Online business idea

Today advertisers are realizing that cleverly written copy can seriously affect the responsiveness to their ads and marketing collateral. Online and offline content has to be designed in a cleverly written manner to induce the reader to purchase the business’s products or services, or otherwise do what the advertiser wants them to do.

If you have excellent writing skills and have advertising copy-writing experience, this could be the ideal business venture for you.

21. Coupon website

Everyone loves to save money. That is why we are witnessing the emergence of coupon networks online, where consumers can easily visit the site, view coupons, print them, and use them in a traditional offline store. Coupon networks can be targeted at both national and regional audiences, depending on your online objectives and marketing budget.

How does it work? It’s simple. You charge businesses to advertise their coupons on your website. You then promote your website to the area that you are targeting and encourage your visitors to use the coupons available on your Website.

22. Craft Store

Online craft sites became popular as soon as the Internet became a household reality. One of the greatest benefits of the craft industry is the variety of items and the fact that they can be made at home. Much like the art market, customers will buy a craft based on their own preferences.

They will tend to look at many sites before finding one that they like. The content on the site should make each craft seem unique in every way, and there should be contests and interactive features throughout the Website that keep the users coming back and entertained.

23. Custom-Printed Products

Promoting your Website or business these days is a fully integrated process of traditional and progressive marketing techniques. A popular way to do this is to have the logo, URL, or business name printed on various items that we see and touch each day.

Custom-printed products like coffee mugs, mousepads, sticky notes, pens, and pencils are ideal promotional items to be used as giveaways at a trade show. Many businesses are promoting their Web addresses even more visibly on building signage, vehicle signage, or window awnings.

The Web is a perfect place to showcase and provide this service. Graphic files with corporate logos can be zipped and sent to you via e-mail.

You can electronically send these files to all the production businesses that you hire to fulfill each order if you choose to outsource this activity. Clients probably should pay online for their order, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

24. Dining Guide Online Business Idea

This one is super easy to start and run for someone who loves the art of critiquing cuisine and sharing it with an audience. This business, although online, is regionally based because one should go to the restaurant and eat the meals to write the review.

The content should remain current, and revenue can be generated primarily from advertising by local restaurants and eateries that want to be featured within the guide.

Your dining guide could be a simple searchable database of dining establishments in your local area or a comprehensive site with full menus updated on a regular basis, links to the restaurants’ Websites, and even reservation-taking capability.

Alternatively, your site could be an independent restaurant review site.

25. Direct Marketing Online Business Idea

The Internet is the mecca for direct-marketing services. A virtual database is the most flexible and useful way to store and access the contacts needed to operate this business, and the Web is a perfect place to showcase your direct-marketing materials and skills.

Most of the clientele will likely be other businesses, and the revenue will come from the payment for marketing services and access to targeted mail and e-mail lists.

26. Do-It-Yourself

This business is a fun online pursuit because you can utilize your own interests and knowledge for the benefit of others. Enthusiasts all over the world use the Web to locate information and tips on how to tackle household projects by themselves.

Another advantage to this business is the wide variety of topics you may consult on. everything from how to install three-prong electric sockets to gardening tips. Revenue can come from advertisers who are looking to target the do-it-yourselfers, such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Canadian Tire.

27. E-Books

E-books are gaining popularity. A popular example of a fiction e-book potential is Stephen King’s success in publishing his latest horror novel in e-reader format on the Amazon Website. The multitude of users attempting to download the book crashed the server! Obviously, there is a demand.

E-books can be written on a multitude of subjects, from Internet marketing to how to get through the teenage years to building a sailboat—the subjects are endless.

28. Educational Products

The sale and promotion of educational products online is a popular and growing business. Already there are online schools and courses that are accessible at any time from anywhere in the world. Downloadable educational software holds major possibilities in the future of learning.

Niche-marketing opportunities can be exploited by choosing a particular set of subjects or age groups to cater to. Becoming the benchmark for a particular field of study would be wise considering that there are and will continue to be many Websites offering educational materials via download.

29. Employment Agency

Unemployed people and employed people looking for a change in employment all over the world search for work each day and are using the Internet to do it. Businesses are searching for new employees on the Web as well, but the process is hit or miss. Online employment agencies can simplify this process.

An online employment agency bridges the gap between the prospective workforce and the employers who need access to it.
The primary service of this business is providing an outlet for people to send in their resumes or portfolios and simultaneously matching them with prospective employers that are seeking people with similar credentials.

There are many online employment websites on the Web now, but the selection has to be more refined and organized by employment type and location. Your site should include resources for job seekers.

The employment agency’s role is to understand the needs of its primary client—the employer.

30. Event and Meeting Planning

Online business idea

Planning a meeting or an event can be a time-consuming task for most people, and a well-done event usually requires a professional’s touch. Since most events are special occasions, the customers are usually more flexible regarding pricing
but are still seeking the best deal possible.

Web-based event planners make their money using basically the same method as their real-world counterparts. You research your client’s objectives, needs, and requirements. You then develop a plan and program for the meeting or event, have it approved by the clients, and then make all the necessary arrangements and carry out the plan, taking care of all the details.

31. E-Zines (Online Magazines)

E-zines are online publications or online magazines. The content draws eyeballs and then your pages are worth advertising dollars. E-zines can be as specific or as general as the writers please, but the wise idea is to focus on a particular interest group that is active on the Web today and approach advertisers who are targeting that particular group for a source of profit.

There are Web-based e-zines where the visitor views the e-zine at the e-zine Website and travels through the e-zine by clicking through the pages of the site.

These types of e-zines have the look and feel of traditional magazines as far as page layout and graphics go. There are also e-mail-based e-zines where a subscriber receives a copy of the e-zine on a regular basis via e-mail. These types of e-zines are generally short on graphics and heavy on content.

They are generally very topic-focused and include three or four text-based articles on the subject matter. Both types of e-zines have banner advertising, sponsorship, and subscription opportunities.

32. Fund Raising Online Business Idea

Online fund raising has serious potential for success because of how affordable the Internet is as a marketing medium, communication tool, and place to present information. There are many choices available if you want to provide fund-raising services.

The number of potential customers for this type of business is significant, charitable organizations, schools, hospitals, not-for-profit associations, and so on. Most organizations do not have the personnel to run fund-raising campaigns in-house and are quite happy to use an outside service.

Fund-raising campaigns for each organization are usually run at a specific time of year, so the trick will be to have clients who run their campaigns at different times.

33. Genealogy Research

Running an online genealogy research business is a great part-time venture. If you have an interest or expertise in human history, family trees, or a particular region or community, this could be the venture for you.

The way it works is simple. You research incoming genealogical requests for a fee. The Internet is the perfect place to conduct many stages of your research, market your services, and communicate with clients.

Revenue comes from the fees for researching genealogy information and advertising for related businesses, such as software
for building family trees.

34. Gift Baskets Online Business Idea

Online gift basket stores are becoming as popular as their traditional offline counterparts. These stores make it easy for consumers to go online, purchase a gift basket, and have it shipped to a family or friend as a gift.

The level of customization provided by some of these online retailers is amazing. You can do everything from picking out a customized gift basket to choosing what type of wrapping paper and gift card you want to dress the gift with.

There are several ways to earn income from this type of business. Of course, you’re going to generate revenue from the sale of gift baskets and other gift-related items; however, like any business, you can generate significant revenue from value-added services.

Things such as gift wrapping, personalized gift cards, special shipping options, or unique customizable products (e.g., engraved gift boxes). You can also generate revenue from selling online advertising to noncompeting Websites that target the same audience.

Since you are targeting the same audience, you can provide potential advertisers with a dynamite opportunity for exposing their products or services.

35. Gift Registry Online Business Idea

Many people today use gift registries to help their family and friends with gift purchases for weddings or other special occasions. In the traditional model, gift registries are often limited to one store.

Now on the Internet, under the guise of wishlists, the idea of the gift registry has come into its own. An online wish list is a service that can be connected to many online stores.

When people are having a special occasion, such as a wedding, they simply register on the wishlist website and list the items they would like to receive that can be purchased anywhere online.

Their family and friends then go online to the wishlist and can choose items of interest to the couple as well as ensure that they are not getting the same item as someone else.

36. Graphic Design Online Business Idea

If you do graphic design work, there is a huge market for your services throughout the world. You can generate revenue from the design of everything from signs and brochures to Websites and corporate ads.

The possibilities are endless. To promote your services, you could simply design a dynamite Website that contains a portfolio of your work for visitors to see. This should contain your best work because this is what your clients will judge your talent and professionalism against.

Your Website will basically be your online resume for potential business opportunities, so make sure you do a good job on the site design and layout!

37. Health Guide

Health and fitness are becoming important to everyone these days. People are eating better, exercising more, and trying to live a healthier lifestyle. The problem is that many people are not as educated as they would like to be on how to accomplish these tasks.

This online business idea can provide people with this information. You can offer your site’s visitors healthy recipes, new exercise techniques, and information about the health industry. You’ll be surprised how many people will continuously visit your website to learn more about how to improve their quality of life.

38. Hobby Store

We all have hobbies. Even though we may not perceive our recreational activities as “hobbies,” they are. Playing video games is a present-day hobby, and so is collecting a video library of all the best flicks.

Collecting is a traditional hobby. Huge hobby markets you might want to consider are model building, sports, coin and stamp collecting, antiques, and crafts.

The advantages of creating a hobby site begin with the guarantee that people will always look for these products in their spare time and they will often use the Net to do it.

39. Image Consultant

This business is ideal for someone with knowledge of the importance of first impressions and how to present yourself in various settings, primarily the corporate or professional world and in the media.

The way this business works is that you provide one-on-one image consulting to clients and possibly group seminars about image-related issues such as wardrobe, appropriate colors, cosmetic application, posture, and self-confidence.

Clients can pay by the hour for your services, or you may choose to have a contract at a set amount for specific services. it’s up to you. The Website is the perfect place to showcase your services and your clients’ success stories and to market your business.

40. Information Broker

The information brokerage business is extremely popular these days, and need for the service will only increase as the value of information becomes more critical.

The Internet is information, so if you have a talent for researching and accessing public and some private records, databases, and other forms of data warehousing, this business is for you.

What types of information are clients looking for? Information requests can take many forms. Lawyers may be looking for specific information to strengthen their case. Corporations need market research to support their marketing plans. Businesses may be looking for competitive analysis or information.

41. Interior Design

This business has a lot of online potential. The design of living and office space is becoming more important to us each time we realize how much our environment influences our mood and productivity at work.

If you are an interior designer or work in a related field, this business could create an opportunity for self-employment and extra income.

42. Mail List Service

The key to running a successful mail list service is attaining and growing a number of targeted mail lists that you can make available to clients to increase the value and responsiveness of each direct e-mail campaign.

You gather income from the renting of the list based on how targeted and how big it is. You have choices in this business as to how involved you are in your clients’ marketing campaigns.

You can rent the list and let them provide you with the communication they want to be sent out, or you can work with the client to develop the marketing message, deliver the personalized messages to the list, and provide tracking reports on the results.

43. Market Research

In today’s competitive marketing world, careful research is a must if you want to put advertising dollars in the right places. The Internet is now the fastest and most bountiful marketing research environment our world has ever seen.

If you have experience in marketing data-collection methods and producing reports to prove specific theories, this is the business for you. The business would gain revenue from payment for research analysis reports and related industry reports for clients it attracts.

44. Movie Review Online Business Idea

If you’re a huge movie fan and enjoy discussing the latest movies, then this opportunity may be for you. You could develop a movie review site.

You can provide your site’s visitors with information on upcoming movie releases, reviews of currently released movies, and listings of recently released movies.

You can also provide visitors with the latest information on the movie industry or entertainment industry.

45. Online Coach Business Idea

Traditional coaching can now happen online. If you have experience or expertise in consulting or coaching, this could be the business for you. Currently, there are many industry experts and professionals offering online coaching services.

This doesn’t mean that competition is fierce, however. The number of potential clients for this service is enormous, as everyone needs some form of coaching. Whether you offer spiritual coaching, business coaching, family coaching, and so on, there will be a market for your services.

46. Online Modeling Agency

This is a business that is easy to start, requires little capital investment, and has no inventory, but has the potential for a high profit margin. This business would be perfect for someone with experience in the modeling industry.

It would help greatly if you had contacts in the photography and marketing industries as well.

47. Online Promotion Company

An online promotion company organizes online promotional efforts for outsourcing businesses. Different forms of online promotions include banner advertising, direct e-mail campaigns, search engine submissions, contests, games, live interactive chat sessions, message boards, live Webcams, real audio, newsgroup marketing, link strategy promotion, and mobile marketing; and the list goes on.

48. Podcasts and Podcast Directory

A Podcast is an audio broadcast saved as an MP3 file. The MP3 file can be downloaded to a computer and then to an iPod or any other type of MP3 player. There are all kinds of music-related podcasts available online already.

There is always an opportunity for more as long as you focus on a niche or do a great job of marketing to get your name out there.

49. Press Release Developer

A press release is a statement or article about a particular company, its products and services, or a significant event involving that company that is considered newsworthy. It provides the press with the background information needed to develop a formal story. Positive coverage by the press is like free advertising.

In fact, it can be more effective than advertising because press coverage is seen as unbiased by consumers.

50. Public Relations Specialist

Public relation specialist

Many small and medium-sized companies do not have an internal public relations department and cannot handle their own online public relations activities.

Other companies choose not to because they feel their time is better served doing what they’re good at and that other activities should be outsourced to specialized companies.

As an online public relations specialist, you would help companies that want to promote their company and their Web site online. Your goal is to build or maintain a positive image of your clients in the eyes of their target market.

51. Real Estate Website

The Internet has revolutionized the way real estate agents are doing business. Traditionally, real estate agents would publish their listings in home buyer publications, on television, and in monthly newsletters that they may distribute throughout the area that they represent.

Now real estate agents can easily post their listings online to attract a more global audience. Having an online real estate Website can benefit you in two ways: (1) increased exposure for your real estate listing, and (2) increased exposure for your services.

52. Resume Writing Service

The key to catching the attention of a potential employer and securing an interview for a job is to have a well-written and well-designed resume. Although this may not seem that complicated, many people don’t know how to effectively write a resume, a cover letter, or a thank you letter.

If you have good writing skills and know-how to write effective resumes and business letters, this business opportunity could be perfect for you.

53. Search Engine Optimization Service

Getting a website to appear in the top ten results is worth big bucks to any company marketing online. If you know how to optimize sites to get top search engine ranking, your services will be very valuable and of great interest to many online companies.

54. Online Seminars

If you are an educator, public speaker, industry specialist, or software salesperson, this could be your winning ticket!
Online seminars are becoming very common, with many online training sites now available.

They are a perfect way to deliver a multimedia message that holds the user’s full attention until the points are clearly communicated.

55. Software Download Site

Everyone loves free shareware. The increase in Websites offering free software downloads proves this. These websites allow up-and-coming software designers to display their programs to the public.

They also allow established businesses to offer trial copies of their software. Usually, these trial versions are limited either
in their functionality or by the number of days you can use them. Since these sites offer free programs, they typically receive high volumes of traffic.

56. Sports Equipment, New and Used

The sports industry generates billions of dollars a year. With that much interest, it was inevitable that online sports stores would appear in force. There is an insane number of sports stores online already; however, because of the diversity in sports, there is still a lot of room for those with unique interests.

If you can correctly combine the proper sports niche with the global Internet community, you will still have a huge customer base. this is one of the primary strengths of the Internet.

57. Tourist Information Center

A tourist information center is a WebSite that provides prospective travelers with information about popular tourist locations. It provides the user with common weather conditions, websites to see, places to go, things to do, or anything else someone might want to know about their travel destination.

58. Trade Show Directory

The trade show industry is a huge business these days. Facilitating the quest for information and providing up-to-date industry news is a great opportunity for you to capitalize on and increase your annual income.

If you decide to start this type of business, you can take two approaches. You can tackle the trade show directory in general, listing trade shows and conferences from various industries; or you can take a more targeted approach, focusing on individuals in a specific industry.

59. Training/Speaking

The number of professional speakers and trainers developing an online presence is growing rapidly. Many meeting and event planners are turning to the Internet to research and book a speaker or trainer for their next event.

Many business professionals are also looking for professional coaches and trainers to teach them specific trades or skills. Therefore, if you are a professional trainer or speaker, the Internet provides an excellent opportunity for you to generate
more income for your business.

60. Travel Consultant

Online business idea

The nature of the travel consulting industry is ideally suited to the Internet. In every country, many people are interested in traveling to foreign destinations.

With the Internet’s widespread reputation for information and international access, it is only natural that tourists will look first to the Internet for information.

61. T-Shirt Design

People are always looking for T-shirts for various events, teams, clubs, and associations. If you have a knack for graphic design and are into pulling together artistic pieces of work, then this business may be for you.

You might consider doing custom designs, selling designs from a predetermined catalog, or allowing people to purchase completed T-shirts.

62. Virtual Assistant Online Business Idea

Hiring a “virtual assistant” is becoming extremely popular in today’s workplace environment. Many companies will seek the use of a virtual assistant service when they cannot afford or do not have the workload to sustain a full-time in-house staff member.

63. Web Design Online Business Idea

Web designers are considered modern artists, and they are becoming a necessity for the survival of small businesses and large corporations alike. Web designers are the original designers of a Website.

Web designers are different from Web masters in several important ways. The designer has a creative graphical sense that allows him or her to design an entity that is attractive, useful, and representative of a specific product, service, topic, or idea.

The designer is not usually involved in the marketing aspect or traffic generation of a website the way a Web master is.

64. Web Master

Webmasters are becoming a necessity for the survival of small businesses and large corporations alike. Webmasters are sometimes the original designers of the websites they maintain, but the term Webmaster throughout the new media industry also means a person who has the ability to edit and manage several Websites.

65. Wedding Products

People take planning for a wedding seriously. There is a ton of organizing to be done and items to be bought. The many related costs for a wedding can add up, and in an effort to keep the whole lovely event within a budget that doesn’t break the bank, many go online searching for the best buys available.

It saves them time and money, so putting a wedding products business online is a great idea.

66. Weight Loss Online Business Idea

Weight is an issue for millions of people all over North America. The condition is so widespread that some health professionals have named it an epidemic or disease. Being overweight is a source of shame for many, and often people feel helpless and not in control of their own bodies.

This sounds morbid, but the good news is that it’s curable through proper eating habits and exercise.

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