what is a domain name registrar?

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what is a domain name registrar

What is a domain name registrar or what is a registrar of a domain name? which so ever way you put it… I am going to cover everything you need to know about a domain name registrar in this article.

What is a registrar for a domain name

A domain name registrar is a company or business who handles domain registrations on the internet. You must have heard that before creating a website you must first get a domain name registered to be able to create a website.

The domain name registrar manages the process of updating the registry when a customer purchases a new domain name. As part of that, they keep track of which domain names are available and typically provide customers with an intuitive search tool to find out what options they have

What is a domain name and how does it works

A Domain name is the name of your website that people will type into their browser (chrome, Operamini, Firefox, Safari e.t.c) to locate your website. Your domain name is the address to your website

For example: If your website should be your house, then your domain name will be the address to your house

Your Domain name is the name users will use to visit your website on the internet. without a domain name, no-one will be able to visit your website. Learn more about a domain name. but in this article, I am only going to talk about a domain registrar. Also, how to choose the best domain registrar company to work with.

The difference between a registrar and a registry

Registries are Companies that handle top-level domain names — most specifically by organizing the records of which particular domain names belong to an organization, or business.

These registries are managed by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) — a department of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a global organization that coordinates several processes and databases that support the Internet’s basic functionality.

Registries delegate the commercial sales of domain name registrations to registrars. For example, when a registrar sells a ‘.com’ domain registration to an end-user (or ‘registrant’), the registrar must notify VeriSign — the registry for ‘.com’ domains. The registrar must also pay VeriSign a fee, which is factored into the price that the registrar charges the end-user.

What Exactly does a registrars do?

As organizations that sell domain registrations and have access to registration information, registrars must keep their data and access secure from malicious actors.

In the past, some registrars have played a role in domain hijacking attacks, which can either change the registration of a domain name without the original registrants’s permission or abuse the privileges of domain hosting and registrar software systems. One example of domain hijacking is an attacker making a particular domain direct to a different website, in order to impersonate the original site or disrupt its business.

How do a domain registrar solve this?

ICANN recommends that registrars take a number of steps to prevent domain hijacking, including:

  • Improved record-keeping for domain changes
  • Randomly generated codes that play a role in the domain transfer process
  • Settings that keep domains from being transferred without the owner’s permission
  • Improved identity verification for all registration processes

What is a domain registrant?

Anyone can be a registrant. Let assume that after reading this article, and you take the step of purchasing a domain name from a domain registrar, you will become the domain registrant. A domain owner is called a domain registrant

How do I register a new domain name?

Start by finding a domain registrar you will like to work with. Domain registrars have made it easy to search for domain names and be able to see available names, see the different top-level domain options you can consider, and go through the purchasing process.

Provide your name, contact, and payment information through a secure form on the registrar’s website, and place your order!

If you would like to register your domain name with us… You can follow this steps to register your domain in one click

First login to Realjossy.com > Locate the Domain Name on the menu

See image below

How to register a domain name

On the next page put the name you want to use as your domain name on the Search box to see available Domain TLDs

See image below

what is a domain name registrar

After you have made your choice of TLDs click the checkout button to acquire your domain name. Its as easy than you think.

What is the cheapest way to register a domain name

The Cheapest way to register a domain name is to search for Domain TLDs that are on promo

Use own domain search to search for domain TLDs that are currently on promo. You can register a domain name for as low as $0.99 if you find one.

What to Look out for before registering a Domain Name

Before registering a domain name, there are important things you should look out for before choosing a domain registrar.

Some companies/businesses only provide domain registration services. Others, like Realjossy, offer domain registration along with other services like web hosting, and Email hosting.

If you are looking to create a website then you will need a domain name and a web hosting. it’s important you register your domain with a company that provides domain and hosting services so you can take care of multiple basic website needs all under one account.

The benefit for doing this is that the company will be able to trace and fix your website quickly incase you run into any error.

Here are few things to consider before Choosing a company to register your domain name


When considering the pricing of different domain registrars, there are a couple of things to keep in mind, Some of the cost of registering a new domain name is related to the name you choose. In particular, different top-level domains come at different prices. But you’ll also see some variety in what different companies charge.

Consider this things when comparing prices

First, the prices advertised are generally for a one-year time period, but you should check to be sure. A domain name isn’t a one-time purchase, you have to plan on continuing to pay for as long as you keep your website. You want to make sure you’re not putting one company’s one-year price against the price another advertises for a longer period.

Also, it’s fairly normal for companies to advertise an introductory price that you pay for year one that goes up in the second year. Don’t just consider what you’re paying right now, think about what you can afford on an ongoing basis.

And as with most things, sometimes a cheaper price will mean you pay in other ways, as with poor customer service or a worse customer experience. Don’t just jump at the first low price you see without researching the company to find out if they’re cheap for a reason.

A domain Registrar like Realjossy is known as the best customer support for the services they offer. you can check out our Reviews

Domain Name add-ons

Other good add-ons to look for are:

  • Domain name privacy, which helps you avoid spam and any risk that comes with making your personal information more public.
  • Auto-renewals, which allow you to put the renewal process on autopilot so you don’t have to worry about forgetting or doing any extra work to keep your domain name registration up to date.
  • Email addresses that you can set up for yourself and people in your organization at the domain, making your communications look more official.
  • A multi-year purchase option, so you can secure your domain name for longer without worrying about renewal.

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