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SUPERLIFE is an international multi-level marketing company with the newest innovations on plant stem cell-based therapy.

The company’s health products have an amazing ability to help in the regeneration of new healthy cells meaning health conditions can be addressed from cell level providing new hope for curing or fixing otherwise generally seen as incurable conditions.

The other thing that is mind-blowing about SUPERLIFE is THE COMPENSATION PLAN to those that want to partake this multi-billion dollar industry business opportunity and become partners with the company.

A brief background of SuperLife Network Marketing

Based in Malaysia, SuperLife World was started in 2017.

CEO and Founder, Lai Tek Kean, envisions to revolutionize the industry of direct sales.

In the short two years that it has been in business, SuperLife World has already expanded into more than 20 countries worldwide, with more than half of its website traffic originating from Nigeria (instead of its home country Malaysia).


superlife business opportunity

STC30 is the origin of stem cell in the treatment & prevention of diseases. STEM CELLS are undifferentiated biological cells that can differentiate into specialized cells and can divide (through mitosis) to produce more healthy stem cells. Stem cells are found in organisms.

They are the universal cells. They are mother cells that have the potential to become any type of cell in the body.

One of the main characteristics of stem cells is their ability to self-renew or multiply while maintaining the potential to develop into other types of cells. Stem cells can become cells of the heart, kidney, liver, bones, skin, brain, muscle etc.

They have the ability to become any kind of cell in the body. They can keep renewing themselves. These basic building blocks of life are fast becoming the ultimate repair kit of the future.

Stem cells serve as a sort of internal repair system, dividing essentially without limit to replenish other cells as long as the person or animal is still alive.

When a stem cell divides, each new cell has the potential either to remain a stem cell or become another type of cell with a more specialized function e.g red blood cells, brain cells, muscle cells, etc.

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STEM CELLS can manage and treat over 134 diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, leukemia, stroke, heart attack, diabetes, down syndrome, cancer, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, spinal cord injury/paralysis, brain trauma, congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, Orthopedic injuries, musculoskeletal problems, baldness, deafness, blindness, glaucoma, bone marrow transplant, wound healing, kidney stones, and failure, prostate enlargement, stones and cancer, liver diseases, pancreatic dysfunction, cardiovascular diseases, vision impairment, learning defects, skin repair, etc, etc.

The market potential of stem cells is awesome. It is estimated that within the next 10 years, 80% of developed countries will be tied to stem cell wellness technologies.

The market potential of stem cells within the next 10 years is estimated to reach the US $50 Billion. Many millionaires will emerge through marketing products and services related to STEM CELLS.

Anyone can be a distributor to get at the cost price and also make money from the system by sharing the information with people. It’s a global opportunity & an opportunity for all!


Introducing the revolutionary first ever oral plant-based stemcell-STC30. 100% clinically proven safe and effective.

You can see the result within a matter of days.

100% Swiss Quality Formulation!
➤ With $1,000,000 Product liability.

When you are HEALTHY, your are WEALTHY, & when you’re wealthy; that’s SUPERLIFE!

Wonderful product that heals chronic diseases like Diabetes, Fibroid, Ovarian cyst, Arthritis, Cancer, Stroke, etc. StemCell is a product that works on the cells. One Sachet a day keeps your doctor away!

 Why join Superlife network marketing?

An Opportunity To Earn Extra Cash

Every human being has a desire to make extra cash and achieve financial freedom. Superlife network marketing offers you an opportunity to generate income despite your current financial standing. With Superlife network marketing, you do not need to quit your day job as you can do Superlife as a side hustle.

Residual Income

Residual income is an earning that you continue to receive based on your earlier efforts. Residual income is based on sales of products and services. This means that, if your network continues to generate repeat sales, then you will get paid for that one sale long into the future. Superlife network marketing is important because it enables you to earn more and work less by building your passive income sources.


Leveraging is a magnificent tool for building wealth. In superlife network marketing, building your network and watching it grow is of paramount importance. Multi-level marketing helps customers find what they need. When you and your team work together by developing a collective mindset, the business begins to build itself. You start enjoying the benefits of network marketing. For example, you can go for a vacation and make money while at it. When you teach others how to do business you reap the rewards as well, creating win-win relationships.

Products are manufactured by a certified, experienced, and highly respected company, Mibelle Biochemistry in Zurich Switzerland which is part of the Mibelle group with over 90 years’ experience.

Proven Quality and innovative products that ensures continuos business through the results and testimonies of its efficacy.

Stem cell products are very highly sorted after all over the world, and with Superlife network marketing you stand a chance to benefit immensely from the TRILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY.

Dynamic management team with a wealth of experience and creativity both in wellness, business management, and technological advancements.

Superlife network marketing has a very lucrative marketing plan to ensure adequate and super-compensation for all partners in order to enable you to achieve your dreams and live a SUPERLIFE.

The super network marketing membership package provides as high as 85% instant return on investment with just 2 direct sponsorship of other super members. The marketing plan helps distributors compress their effort for massive results within a shorter time frame.

Fresh and ground floor opportunity with huge market potential for all superlife members.

Join SuperLife now, Building A Legacy for Our Generation.

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To start and be part of this business, you will need to pick a startup package you can afford.


There are 4 different packages available to pick from to start superlife network marketing.
These are

superlife network marketing


NB: PP is purchasing points.

Any pack that is chosen to start comes along with points which are seen in brackets/parentheses next to the cost price of the package. It is these points that accumulate under you in business and it is on these points that money is calculated to pay you as you grow in your business.

There are 8 different commissions you can earn in Superlife and they are independent of each other (You can earn them separately).

This business is basically telling a friend to tell a friend so we all get paid by the business system while we help each other grow.
It’s a business you can easily do at free time from home or your office because all you need is your friend’s contact to ask him or her if they will be interested in earning good money on the side. Then you join hands and do this.

Direct sponsor bonus:

This is an income you make when you introduce someone into the business. When you register someone into the company you get paid

Direct Sponsor Bonus

instantly. The amount you earn depends on the package you registered on and what the person you are registering also
registered on.

So Direct Sponsor Bonus for Member (STAR)

If you are a Star and you enroll someone on the superlife network marketing Star package, you will earn an N15,000 Instantly
If you are a Star and you enroll someone on the superlife network marketing Supreme package, you will earn N30,000 instant.
And finally if you are a Star and you enroll someone on the superlife network marketing Super Package, you get N40,000 instantly.

So Direct Sponsor Bonus for Member (SUPREME)

If you are a Supreme and you enroll someone on the Star Package, you will earn an instant N15,500

If you are a Supreme and you enroll someone on the Supreme Package, you earn N70,000 instant.

And finally if you are a Supreme and u enroll someone on the Super Package, you get N80,000 instantly.

So Direct Sponsor Bonus for Member (SUPER)

superlife network marketing

If you are a Super and you enroll someone on the Star Package, you will earn an instant N13,500

If you are a Super and you enroll someone on the Supreme Package, you will earn N63,000 instant.

And finally if you are a Super and you enroll someone on the Super Package, you get N157,500 instantly.


This money is paid instantly when you get your friend registered. That is your reward from the company for letting someone also know about Superlife network marketing to build extra income for him or herself.

Let’s say, worst-case scenario, you registered as a Star and paid N55,000 Naira to start and it took you 3 months to get 6 people to join you.
(3 months (90days) is feasible to get 6 people to join you on a business with N55, 000.00).

That’s 2 people every month you would have made at least N100,000 Naira from Direct Sponsor alone and that pays off your starting capital of 55,000.00 Naire

Let’s assume again that you are a Super and you sign 10 Supers in a year, you earn N175, 000 Naira on only direct sponsorship bonus.

Pairing Point Bonus

Bonuses are obtained through points generated from organizational tree (that is left and right legs or left and right teams).
This is one of the best bonuses in Superlife network marketing.

Unlike other business no points are flushed out or removed here so whenever you earn any point, it means you have money waiting for you. You just need to pair the points.

How is this done?

Superlife network marketing works with a binary system

superlife marketing plan
superlife marketing plan

Everyone you register will be placed either on your left or right as shown. Everyone has only two people placed directly under them at each level and the team grows downwards accordingly. So the points accumulate there and each day the system pairs the points 50 left 50 right And pays you according to your pack

This means after you have been paid the direct sponsor bonus for registering your friend. You will be paid on the points they came along with their pack too. That’s double returns for one act done? The grading will depend on the package you started your business with.

Every 50 points on your left leg and 50 points on your right leg at any point in time is considered as a complete balance and paired for you and you are paid on it.

The grading will depend on the package you started your business with.

superlife business opportunity

As a Star

You are allowed to have 56 pairs in a day.
For your first 4 pairs you get $9 for each pair.
From the 5th to 56th pairs you get $2 each pair.

As a Supreme

You are allowed 198 pairs a day.
For your first 8 pairs is $9 for each pair.
For your 9th to 198th pair you get $3 for each pair.

As a Super

You have Infinity or unlimited pairing per day
For your first 20 pairs you get $9 for each pair.
From the 21st pair to infinity pairs you get $4 for each pair which gives
you Unlimited earning potential.

Let’s use this scenario

Pairing Bonus

  • Let us assume that at the end of the day you had 1,000 points on the left and 1, 200points on the right.
  • The common factor which is 1000point will be divided by 50 to get the number of pairs. This will give you 20 pairs.
  • The difference between 1,200point and 1,000point will be carried forward for you.

Based on your package you started the business with this is how much you will make from Pairing bonus

Example with the Star Package with 20 Pairs
  • 4 * $9 = $9
  • 16 * $2 = $32
  • Total = $68 * N490 = N33,320 Daily
  • For the month: N33,320 * 30 days = N999,600 Monthly
  • For the year: N999,600 * 12 months = 11,995,200 yearly
Example with the Supreme Package with 20 Pairs
  • 8 * $9 = $72
  • 12 * $3 = $36
  • Total = $108 * N490 = N52,920 Daily
  • For the month: N52,920 * 30 days = N1,587,600 monthly
  • For the year: N1,587,600 * 12 month = N19,051,200 yearly
Example with the Super Package with 20 Pairs
  • 20 * $9 = $180
  • Total = $180 * N490 = N88,200 Daily
  • For the month: N88,200 * 30 days = N2,646,000 Monthly
  • For the year: N2,646,000 * 12 months = N31,752,000 yearly

With the paring, it doesn’t matter whether you brought in the volumes under you personally or someone did, you still get paid as long as it is pairing 50 left 50 right.

In Superlife network marketing the points accumulating under you are in US dollars and every $1 earned = N490 Naira paid to you.

As you bring your friends and they bring their friends and the points accumulate under you in the team you will be paired Pairing bonus whether you brought them or not.

Also in Superlife network marketing, you can easily withdraw your money. Everyone has the chance to withdraw 3 times in a week.

Withdrawals are made on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays Withdrawal is made into your Bank account or by cheque issued upon request.


  • Buying and selling is not mandatory.
  • Registration is once and international.
  • You can join from any country.
  • You earn till infinity.
  • It’s instant and daily payouts.
  • You can earn without referring anyone through spillover.
  • No demotion and no target.

Team building is important here not selling boxes of products every month.

As we all build one team together we all generate enough points and earn more money together.
Join my team today let make money together

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 The company has a plan for us when autoship starts in January 2020.

This is the plan…

And over here autoship will be very low when it starts. And you are not even supposed to pull money from your pocket again to do auto-ship when you start earning from pairing bonus and direct sponsorship bonus.

When autoship starts in 2020, the maximum anyone will pay for auto-ship will be N18,000 for a single product. (You will not pay from your pocket)

And one good thing is that if you build your team fast and well, the system will do auto-ship for you automatically.


This is daily so far as new points are generated in your team every day

And let me emphasize that you don’t need personally enrolled active on both legs every month before you can earn this commission.

I will end here

For more information please contact me on call or whatsapp +2348130181418


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