Make Money Online Becoming an Employment Agency

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Employment Agency

Every day, people looking for work use the Internet, including those who are unemployed and those who are employed but seek to change jobs.

Businesses are also looking for new staff online, but the results are inconsistent. This process can be made simpler by online employment agencies. The gap between the potential workforce and the employers who require access to it is filled by an online employment agency.

This company’s main function is to give customers a place to submit their resumes or portfolios while also connecting them with potential employers that are looking for applicants with similar qualifications.

There are many online employment sites on the Web now, but the selection has to be more refined and organized by employment type and location. Your site should include resources for job seekers. The employment agency’s role is to understand the needs of its primary client, the employer.

Revenue can be generated in a number of ways from this type of site. You could charge individuals to submit their resumes. You could charge employers to post their employment opportunities. You could choose to allow the posting of resumes and opportunities for free and generate revenue through banner advertising or selling ancillary services to employers or applicants.

You could also run this business as an executive recruitment or placement service, where you publicize positions available and actually interview and recommend individuals to the employer.

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Skills Needed to Become an Employment Agency

To run this business you need basic Web publishing skills. It would help significantly if you have a history of working with an employment agency and have experience with resume writing, interviewing, and the development of employment opportunity descriptions.

The Cost to Run an Employment Agency Online

To start this business you need appropriate computer hardware, software, and a printer. You will incur design, development, and hosting costs related to your Website. You will want to have a searchable database as part of your Website and perhaps an automated, password-controlled, input area for job
and resume postings. This will add to the development costs of your Website.

The costs to start this type of business online will range between $100 and $500 depending on the level of automation and the sophistication of your database.

Numbers of Employees Needed to Run This Business

You will require one or more experienced individuals to launch this business, depending on the volume, the services you provide, and the degree of automation.

Online Marketing Techniques

Given how avidly job searchers seek out employment sites, marketing this online business should prove to be rather simple. You are advertising to two distinct audiences: potential employers and job searchers.

The following steps should be taken to properly address your online marketing strategy:

  • Ensure that your site is search engine friendly by including appropriate page titles, keyword meta-tags, description meta-tags, and so on, and then register with the major search engines and directories.
  • Develop a comprehensive link strategy. The more links there are to your site, the more traffic you will see. You should generate links from related sites such as employment-related meta-indexes, resume writing services, business services, and secondary education sites.
  • Submit articles to e-zines that promote and give examples of the success rate of your services, and be sure to include testimonials from both employers and job seekers.
  • Develop a targeted banner advertising campaign. Have your ads appear on sites that job seekers and employers frequent.

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Have a strong business strategy that outlines the service you will offer your customers in detail. You should create contracts or agreements that specifically outline your rates, the services you will offer, and a payment plan if you offer recruitment and recommendation services. Make sure your website has a ton of helpful tools and information for job hunters (resume tips, links to resume sites, etc.).

Additional Income

There are all kinds of opportunities for additional income with banner advertising, sponsorship, and the expansion of your services. If you decide to focus on one field of work, training and retraining could be added to your services.

You could establish a weekly newsletter to all your job seekers with ad links to sites that want to market themselves to your target group. You could include resuming writing and job description writing services to your offering. You could provide membership opportunities for employers, giving them an unlimited or
a specific number of job postings.

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