How to Start Ebook Business

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how to start ebook business

Are you looking at how to start ebook business and make money online? Here in this article, you will find everything required to start ebook business online. E-books are gaining popularity. A popular example of a fiction e-book potential is Stephen King’s success in publishing his latest horror novel in e-reader format on the Amazon Website. The multitude of users attempting to download the book crashed the server! Obviously, there is a demand.

E-books can be written on a multitude of subjects, from Internet marketing to how to get through the teenage years to building a sailboat—the subjects are endless.

Skills needed to start an Ebook Online Business

You will need to be knowledgeable on your topic and be able to write well.

The cost to start an Ebook online business

The cost to begin this business depends on which approach you take. If you want to develop your own e-books and have them purchased and downloaded from your site, the cost will be negligible. If you decide to become a reseller or an online marketing outlet for e-books, the cost is significantly lower to begin.

You will incur start-up costs related to the design, development, and hosting of your Website as well as expenses related to any storefront and payment-processing capability. Expect a ballpark price of $500 to $1,000 to begin.

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Numbers of employees needed to start

This business can be started by one person who is organized and possesses an avid interest in reading and the supporting technology needed for e-books to be distributed. Eventually, you may want to get technical support if you decide to have the e-books downloaded and purchased directly from your website.

Online Marketing Techniques

To market e-books online, you should consider the target audience and your niche.

  • Spend time researching where the niche of e-book buyers are surfing and work to become linked or advertised on the top sites you find in this research.
  • Consider organic search engine optimization and participating in search engine pay per click campaigns.
  • Establishing a viral marketing campaign like “Tell a Friend about This Book” might be very effective.
  • Developing a targeted banner advertising campaign where readers of specific titles are visiting could generate significant traffic.
  • Develop a mail list where visitors could opt in to receive notification as new titles are available. This could also be made available through an RSS feed.
  • Get linked from online e-book directories.
  • Links should be established from book-related cybermalls and e-bookrelated Web rings.


To operate an e-business that sells and markets e-books, you have two basic options: to become a reseller affiliate for larger websites that already have the books loaded on their server or to set up your website so that the e-books are purchased and downloaded from your own Website.

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The international potential is immediate and depends heavily on online marketing strategy. Depending on the language of the e-books you feature, the market is international from the onset.

Additional income could come from advertising if the traffic reaches a sustained and healthy level. You may provide a service for new authors who want to publish in e-book format only, and this would give the content of your site an original edge because people cannot obtain it anywhere else. You could provide an e-book development service for others.