How to Start a Desktop Imagery Online Business

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Desktop Imagery

Are you a graphic designer? Do you have a large gallery of desktop images that you randomly display on your computer? If so, why not turn your talent into a profitable business? Many graphic designers are now making money by using their natural talents. Desktop imagery is something that everyone likes to use to help brighten up his or her computer. Just Like A4size-ska, with the picture above So why not cash in on this opportunity?

You can set up a desktop imagery Website where people can pay a monthly or annual membership to be able to enter a secure section of your site and download your hottest desktop images. You don’t even have to design all of the images yourself.

You can partner with other graphic designers and sell their images on your site. You can give them a percentage of the revenue generated from your site memberships in accordance with the number of their images that have been downloaded. It’s as easy as that!

Skills Needed to Started a Desktop Imagery Online Business

Excellent graphic design skills are essential to run this type of business.

Cost to Started a Desktop Imagery Online Business

Your talent is free, but if you plan to attract people to your site, you are going to have to design a dynamite Website. Since you will be hosting rather large images on your site, you will take up more storage space on the server you’re hosting your site on; thus, you can expect the costs of hosting your site to be higher than those for a typical Website.

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To start this business you will need a computer, appropriate software, a printer, and a scanner. You will also incur costs associated with the design, development, and hosting of your Web site. The costs to start this type of business will range from $5,00 to $1,000.

Number of Employees Needed

One full- or part-time employee is needed to run this type of business.

Online Marketing Technique For Desktop Imagery

  • Develop a comprehensive link strategy. Generate links from as many desktop imagery related Websites, directories, and meta-indexes as possible.
  • Launch a strategic banner advertising campaign on Websites frequented by your target market.
  • Develop your own personal mailing list to communicate with your site visitors. You could ask people if they would like to be notified when you update the imagery offered on your website.
  • Develop a sponsored listings campaign to bid on appropriate keyword phrases with the popular search engines.
  • You could hold a weekly or monthly contest on your website for a free membership to your desktop imagery Website. You could ask people if they would like to be notified of the winner via e-mail. This will encourage them to return to your site to reenter your contest.

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You want to ensure that you continuously add quality artwork to your website. If you begin to lower your standards with what you place on your site, you will decrease the chances that someone will renew their membership with your business.

If you find that you cannot publish quality artwork on a continuous basis, ask a fellow graphic designer if he or she would be interested in joining your business on a commission basis. You will want to address copyright and usage issues where you have artwork provided by others. You may want to provide several downloads for free on a trial basis to get people to use your service.

Additional Income

In addition to offering downloadable desktop imagery from your Website, you could also sell CD-ROM compilations filled with past desktop favorites. This would be a great way to generate revenue for your business.