How to delete plugin in WordPress

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How to delete plugin in WordPress

In this article, I will show you how to properly delete plugin in WordPress. When you first get started with WordPress, I am sure what you did was looking for ways to set up your website to look professional. so you begin by installing plugins you think will give you exactly what you want on your website.

But as your site and skills grow, you now realize that you don’t need those plugins you installed anymore, they aren’t the best fit for you. well, it’s important you deactivate and delete the plugins.

There are thousands of plugins available for website designers if you are building your website with WordPress builder.

WordPress plugins help anyone to build a professional website without learning how to code

WordPress Plugins are like apps you can run on your website. while plugins developers try their best to keep the plugins secure and safe for anyone to use, history shows us that mistakes do happen sometimes

This means that any plugin that is not active on your website can be harmful to your website performance. I will advise you to delete any plugin you aren’t using on your website. you are free to download them back anytime when you need the plugin.

Keeping unnecessary files on your site also increases your WordPress backup size as well as your web hosting space.

Deactivating Plugins

Deactivating a plugin and deleting a plugin are two different things. you have to take note of this. A lot of Website Designers do not know the difference between these two… If you deactivate a plugin and you think that is all you need to do, then you have been doing the wrong thing.

A deactivated Plugin can still make your website vulnerable because it can still be used to run malicious code on your website. and can get your website hacked.

Deactivating a plugin and not permanently deleting it is very handy for debugging and bug fixes because it keeps your settings and configuration in place should you incase reactivate it.

You can find a deactivated plugin in the Inactive Bar shown above. I will recommend that you should only deactivate a plugin when you just want to temporarily disable it.

If you do not intend to activate it anytime soon, then it is better to delete the plugin. Remember you can always install the plugin anytime when you need it.

Stay tuned with me as i will be showing you how to properly delete a plugin in WordPress.

How do you delete a plugin in wordpress?

WordPress makes it super easy to delete plugins from the admin area. Simply log in to your WordPress dashboard and go to the Plugins page.

You will see the list of currently installed plugins on your site. Active plugins are highlighted with blue background color and have a link below to deactivate them.

Inactive plugins have links below to activate, edit, or delete them. Click on delete link below the plugin that you want to uninstall.

WordPress will now ask you to confirm that you want to delete the plugin.

How to delete plugin in WordPress

You need to click on ‘Yes, delete these files’ button. WordPress will now safely remove plugin from your web server.

That’s all you have successfully uninstalled a plugin from your WordPress site.

However, there are some more steps that you can take to remove all traces of the plugin. these steps are optional and not recommended for beginners else you might crash your website. See Guide Here

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