5 Negative Words To Avoid When Writing A Sales Letter

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5 Negative Words To Avoid When Writing A Sales Letter
negative words to avoid in sales

There can be times, when no matter how many sales proposals you mail, the effect is nil. Do you know precisely why people don’t seem eager to buy your product? Have you ever marveled why your opponents make more sales even though they have an awful product to offer? There are negative words to avoid in sales and I am going to disclose that to you now.

You may feel that people are just plain uninterested in buying your product or service. You may also feel that your price is on the higher side. Or worse still, you may feel that you have a useless product or service and decide to quit altogether or maybe change your line of business.

Here you must stop and think for a while. Is it maybe not your product that is responsible? At times it’s your own sales letter that turns out to be the main culprit.

Maybe unwittingly you have used certain words that have had the opposite effect on your prospect.
So, what are precisely those bad or evil words you should in no way utter in your sales letter? Also, at the end of this article, I will disclose “Few basic parameters of any effective sales letter”

The 5 Negative Words to Avoid in Sales Letter

The Word “Buy”

Never solicit people to take out their purses and pay out their hard-earned dollars. Keep in mind, most people get wary of the moment they see this
word. Whatever business you’re doing, using this word can obliterate your
business in no time. Instead of using the word “buy,” modify it to “receive” or “invest.

The Word “Learn”

This term is sure to remind people of the old days when they had to
study and learn in school. Believe me, nobody is interested in wracking their brains as they did when they were students.

These days, people want quick information and have no time to learn. It is better to use the word “find out” Instead of “learn”.

The Word “Tell”

People will not pay attention to you if they don’t identify you. Examine
these two sentences carefully: “Let me just tell you how you can lose weight in one week” and “Let me disclose to you how you can lose weight in one week.” Which statement do you think will make an impact?

The Word “Things”

Using this word will make your sales letter very dull and boring to
read. As a substitute for using the word “things,” consider changing it to “tips,” “tricks” or “techniques.” Trust me, this will guarantee a better and more open frame of mind.

The Word “Stuff”

This is the word that most marketers use to explain how great the
product is. Compare these two sentences: “Call us to receive fabulous stuff” and “Call us to receive fabulous gifts.” Which one do you think would generate more response?

Every sales letter has a set of vocabulary that is destined to activate the
emotional buying spark within you. This language has to be cautiously assessed. Avoid these negative words in sales

Bonus Tips

Few basic parameters of any effective sales letter.

By now, you are conversant with all the aspects of crafting out a good sales
. Let’s just flip over a few basic parameters of any effective sales letter.

A sales letter, to be effective, should create hope

People today are always hard-pressed for time. Thus, they are all the time looking for products and services that will make their life convenient and comfortable. So keep inspiring hope.

Create a sense of urgency

To stimulate people to take action, you need to add incentives to the offer. You can create a sense of scarcity by informing your reader that either the stock is in limited supply or that your existing offer is valid for only a limited time period.

Appear as an authority on the subject.

If you manage to do so, no matter what you are selling, they are going to be much more likely to buy what you have to sell. Chalk out your sales letter in such a method as to set up the belief that you are only trying to help people and that you do not really benefit from the sale.

negative words to avoid in sales

Pretend to be unbiased while writing your sales letter

People hate to be cornered into buying by salespeople. They feel cheated even if, in actuality, they are not. So if your sales letter manages to convince them that your basic intention is just to help them find out what they require and how to go about the process, your job is almost done. You can expect them to unfasten up their wallets to you.

Persuade fear in your prospect.

This is the strongest emotion you can use to your advantage. Try to get inside the head of the reader. Focus on the problem the reader has. Point out to them how because of this problem, they’re stalled, irritated, worried, and unable to achieve their sincere needs.

You need to stir up their apparent problem and make it appear better than it actually is.

Then tell them how they can fall into trouble if they did not take any action against it. And then, go about showing them how your product or service will help them overcome the problem.

Try to be different

You have to distinguish yourself from the crowd. Or else, why should anyone buy from you? The best way, maybe, is to tell your prospects
not to buy the product or service you are selling them. Yes, it mind sound very foolish, but it is not.

Tell your readers to go and buy the products and services offered by your competitors. Only when they are not satisfied with what they have to offer, they should try your products or services.

Successful sales letter writing expertise is crucial for the web business owner or entrepreneur. Profits are made and lost on the basis of sales letter writing.

No matter how wonderful your product, if you cannot communicate that to your probable buyers, and convince them to buy your product, you will not make it.

So learn to articulate the benefits of your products or services. You don’t have to be a spectacular writer to create sales letters that work. All you need to know is how to sell to people.

You need to get under your prospective buyer’s skin and train yourself to think like him. Now you know the rules of the game. Put these tips and guidelines to work, and your sales letter is sure to have a relaxed and easy flow that will keep your prospects reading and eventually create profits for you.

Final Checklist for a sales letter

  • It is better to use the prospect’s name and title.
  • Try to make the sales letter user-friendly and special.
  • Use anecdotes and slogans and catchy headlines
  • Try to write like you generally talk. Read your first draft aloud to see if it has a lucid and free flow of words.
  • Keep your paragraphs concise and use uncomplicated language. Speak in their lingo.
  • Once you have completed the letter, forget about it for some time. This will help you to be more practical when you edit your letter.
  • Ask for criticisms and comments from friends and relatives about your sales letters.
  • While keeping to a standard format, opt for something eye-catching like brightly colored paper.
  • Use a user-friendly font.
  • Always use P.S. or P.P.S. to attract attention.
  • Use testimonials whenever available to enhance your credibility.
  • Give a genuine and irresistible offer.
  • Send out a few reminder letters.
  • Give an “act now” option in terms of deadlines, free offers, limited stocks, and so on.
  • Tell them what to do next. Don’t presume your prospects know it for sure.
  • Make your sales letter forceful, thrilling, and appealing.
  • Use provocative and catchy slogans, something that attracts.
  • Whenever possible, try to give a money-back or satisfaction guarantee.
  • Include a reply card, phone number, and /or URL.
  • Keep it short and sweet, precise, and succinct.
  • When you make your letter uneven, it is more probable to be opened, as it would have added to the curiosity factor. You can use rubber bands, cotton balls, and other spongy things to make mail bumpy from the inside
  • You can enhance readership when you hand-address each envelope. But see if your budget permits that. If not, do not overstretch.
  • Don’t distinguish your envelope with a business logo because it diminishes the ratio of openings.

Businesses are forever looking for ways to improve their marketing results, and this necessitates a more customized targeted method. A well-written and targeted sales letter will go a very long way to enhance your sales value.

If you can make the prospect feel that you really empathize with him and
genuinely want to solve his problem, then almost the whole battle is won. You just require to follow a few tips and templates to craft out a spectacular sales letter that will solve your purpose.


Remember there is absolutely no shortcut to success. So do not try it.
The success of any sales letter depends mostly on the words you use and how you craft them to serve your purpose.

Once again, you do not have to be an English scholar to dole out an effective sales letter; you just need to write simple English in a friendly and conversational tone and avoid the negative words listed above in sales

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