How to Start an Online Automobile Advice Business

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How to Start an Online Automobile Advice Business
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Through providing sound automobile advice to visitors wondering how to solve a problem with their current automobile or whether or not to purchase a certain year or make of automobile, you have the opportunity to develop a nice little business.

Automobile website

If you offer your visitors quality automobile advice, they will return to your website again and again to see how your advice can help them to maintain a better, longer-lasting automobile.

This can be a blog website or a full business website where you can also have a section for blog posts

Automobile advice websites allow you to “data-mine” in targeted markets. Consider your users as your source of income. The more visitors you have and the more information you gather from the people you counsel, the better. There are a lot of permission marketing opportunities available with this type of business.

You can ask your visitors for permission to send them specific types of information and then you can charge a sponsorship or advertising fee to those suppliers who have information they want distributed to these opt-in lists.

Your main source of income will be from selling banner advertising, affiliates on your site to businesses that share the same target market—automobile retailers, used car dealers, after-sale product suppliers, and auto parts suppliers. Since this type of business targets individuals interested in automobiles, you are providing an optimal banner advertising opportunity for all businesses in the auto industry.

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What skills do you need to start an automobile business?

This form of business requires that you have expert knowledge in the area of automobiles. If you don’t offer quality advice, your visitors will notice and will not return to your site. This could seriously hinder the profitability of your business.

How much does it cost to start an automobile business

The cost to start this type of business ranges from approximately $500 to $5,000. Initially you will have to pay for the design, development, and hosting of your Website. Additional costs associated with starting this type of business include online and offline advertising costs.

How many employees do you need to start an automobile business?

Typically, one part-time person is needed to run this type of business, depending on the volume of requests received from visitors

Marketing technique

  • Viral marketing with a catchy “Tell a Friend” element would be appropriate for this type of website.
  • Make sure there are plenty of areas on your Website that encourage users to provide their e-mail address You could also have product-specific mail lists to which visitors could opt-in. Having an RSS feed to let subscribers know when you add new content is another neat feature to generate targeted traffic.
  • Participate in newsgroups, mailing lists, and discussion forums related to automobiles with a cleverly designed signature file.
  • Have your Website listed and linked from as many auto-related directories, meta-indexes, and Websites as possible.
  • Develop a sponsored listings campaign to bid on appropriate keyword phrases with the popular search engines.
  • Develop online press releases and have them distributed to as many automotive-related publications and e-zines as possible.
  • Webring participation can have a significant impact on traffic, as there are many auto-related Webrings accessible from and



It is important that you offer sound automobile advice on your website. If you offer advice that is incorrect or inappropriate, it could seriously hinder your business potential. You should place a disclaimer on your website in case this problem arises. This will exclude you from any legal action that may result from accidents or damages resulting from your automotive advice.

There are plenty of avenues to create additional income in the automobile advice business. You can set up mailing lists targeted toward specific car owners and sell or provide sponsorship opportunities to industry partners that want to reach that target market.

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For example, you could have a Volkswagen mailing list, or for an even more targeted approach you could have a Volkswagen Beetle mailing list. The possibilities are endless. You can ask people if they would like to receive different auto maintenance advice via e-mail daily.

This form of permission marketing enables you to send them an e-mail at their request. Proper use of these targeted lists could result in a tremendous money-making opportunity for your business due to the nature of readership.

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