How To Start A Blog And Make Money

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How To Start A Blog And Make Money
how to start a blog and make money

Do you want to start a blog or have you been asking a series of questions of what a blog is or Have you been stuck creating a blog or are you confused on which blog niche to choose? Here in this article, I will walk you through everything you should know on how to start a blog and make money from your blog.


A blog is a Website or part of a Website that can be used to post news, thoughts, and updates as well as interact with others. Many people use blogs and would be quite happy to use a blog service where they can quickly and easily develop and maintain their blog on a blog portal.

The number of people using your blog service, the number of people they promote their blog to, as well as the number of references to publicly promoted blogs (in the case of maintaining a blog directory) will be the key to many visitors, and then your pages are in turn worth advertising dollars.

Blogs can be as specific or as general as the owner pleases—some might relate to an individual’s travels so friends and family can keep up to date with where they are and know that they are safe; others relate to corporate products and uses; others are used to provide useful information to customers and potential customers. There are as many uses for blogs as there are products and services.

Blogs are quite versatile; they offer posting options such as inviting friends to post, having your blog open to the public to post, or keeping the posting to yourself. Blogs are making it possible to hold ongoing conversations in public with thousands of people.

A blog website has many revenue-generation opportunities. You have banner advertising, sponsorship, and subscription opportunities. You can promote additional products and services that you provide related to technology products and services.

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How does a blog help businesses grow

Blogging is highly effective these days to grow a business… Digital Marketers are using blogs for their business.

Choosing the best blog niche will help you create engaging contents that drive traffics and also has the advantage of making you a lot of money when you monetize your blog.

It’s a great marketing tool for businesses to survive. To your surprise even Facebook has a blog, Google has a blog…
Read on to see how effective a blog can be and help you increase customers and sales.

A blog offers ordinary people the opportunity to become stars and make a reasonable living from their blogs. Most beginners do not know what it takes and how to start a blog and make money. It’s important to know what it takes to blog and knowing how to make your blog successful.

I will try to break everything down on how to start a blog and make money for beginners and business owners. you can either be a full-time blogger or use your blog to power up your business.

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How people use blogs

what is a blog

With millions of blogs in the world, there was a report that a new blog is created every six seconds. It’s obvious that blogging is a popular and successful format for websites.

But, what are people doing with blogs? They can’t all be posting pictures of their cats! Bloggers are using the blog format to communicate effectively in all kinds of information spheres, from the personal to the professional.

In fact, many blogs serve multiple purposes at the same time, mixing posts about activities at home with news pertaining to work. Your blog can serve many purposes in your life.

Skills needed to start a blog

If you have the web designing or programming skills to build a website, you will be able to do this yourself. If you don’t, you will have to contact a web designer to help you in creating a website for your blog.

Contact us now and we will help you set up your blog for free

Making money from your blog

You have spent a lot of time producing your blog, and that time has paid off in the form of a large audience. Why not turn that influence into dollars? That’s a question many popular blogger has asked, and you can make it happen in increasingly varied ways. As the online world changes and grows, so do the ways for you to cash in!

For some, creating a blog is less about simply telling a story and more about promoting their business. Whereas many bloggers first find their voice and later use the influence of their online platform to draw attention to a favourite charity or interest, others create their online home with the express purpose of championing a cause

You’ve probably already encountered a blog online even if you didn’t recognize it as such at the time. Because the blogger isn’t required to put a big, This Is a Blog! sticker at the top of the page, you might not have realized that you were looking at a blog.

If you’re ready to dive headfirst into the world of blogging, consider becoming familiar with typical blog elements as a way to dip your toe into the water.

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What is the cost to start a blog

You will need a computer and the appropriate blog software. Start-up costs will also include the design of the website. you will need a domain name and hosting for your Website to be able to get your website online. The start-up costs for this type of business will generally run between $150 and $1000 depending on how much you are paying your web designer and buying of your laptop.

If you need help in setting up your blog, contact us and we will set up a blog website for you for free.


To start a profitable Blog You have to choose the right Niche… There is no end to the number of blog topics existing in the world today, from the common areas of finance and politics to the far more niche blogs about hairless cats with food allergies.

Blogging is all about sharing your thoughts, research, and experience. Building a reputation is one of the goals of a professional blogger, Certainly you can’t build a reputation on everything. But on something.

Your blog should be about your interest and passion. It should be about a topic you are familiar with. Passion is very important in blogging because, Starting a blog and earning money from it takes time and energy. and without passion, you will certainly give up.

You do not just start blogging today and start making money immediately. it takes time to build, maintain, and nurture it. It is very important to choose a niche with a sizable audience.

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There are lots of blogging niche you can blog about. Whatever blogging niche you choose, make sure you are genuinely interested in that topic. This would make it easier to stick to it and keep yourself motivated.

Blogging is not all about publishing a few posts on your blog and you sit back expecting money to flow in. Others think it’s all about copying other people’s posts or articles and posting them on their blogs. There are lots of things to consider when choosing your blogging niche.

Knowing enough about your niche and being able to produce content.

It’s best to start a blog on a topic that you’re able to write about without having to do loads of research nor be an expert.

Profitable niche to make money.

Some niches are a lot easier to monetize than others. choosing a profitable niche that will help you get started and start earning money quickly from your blog.

Choose a sized niche

It’s best not to go too broad. if you’re aiming for an audience of “everyone”, you’re likely to end up with “no one”. Try to find a sub-niche that’s a great fit for you.

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Profitable Blog Niche

profitable blog niche
how to start a blog and make money

All the niches below are great ones to blog, so long as you pick a topic that you’re passionate about. These are all big and popular niches that can make a lot of money for you


Health and fitness is one of the most popular blogging niches. It is a lucrative niche which means there are a ton of blogs that will be competing with you.

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Blogs on personal finance have found huge audiences. there are lots of different approaches you can take to stand out blogging on this niche


Fashion is another immensely popular blogging niche and it could be a great money maker for you. Blogging on this niche is profitable because you can sell fashion wears and also earn more money with affiliates with lots of fashion stores out there.


Lifestyle means writing about a range of different topics that are connected through having the same audience. For instance, you might have a lifestyle blog where you write about food, fashion, and motherhood. The connection is that you’re writing for women in their 30s and 40s who want to eat well and look great while raising young children.


So many bloggers cover this niche. it’s very huge and you will have a lot of competitors. If you’ve got a business or marketing background, then starting a blog in this niche could be a great idea. As with the other niches on our list, this is a huge one, so you’ll want to find a clear focus and voice for your own blog


The fast-paced technology niche is great for making money from affiliate income, either directly from manufacturers and software companies, or through a website like Amazon.

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It’s a hugely popular niche, both with bloggers and with readers, and there are a lot of different approaches you could take to build a successful blog. Blogging about your own travels could be monetized through affiliate links to hotels, recommended travel buys, and so on. It might even give you opportunities for free vacations.

DIY Niche

Do you enjoy decorating and remodeling your home? Or maybe you’ve gone further and redesigned or even rebuilt your home. There are plenty of DIY bloggers out there, and this can be a great type of blogging to try if you enjoy writing tutorials and “how-to” articles.


Do you have kids? There are thousands of bloggers out there about parenting, covering all sorts of different angles. While you might think the niche is already full of mommy bloggers, the audience for parenting blogs is so large that it’s definitely worth considering.


Is there a topic that you know well and that you could teach others about? That could become a great niche for you.


We all need to eat! Blogs about food can be hugely popular. In this niche, you’ll almost certainly be sharing recipes, so you’ll want to take photos that make your food look great. First, choose a niche that interests you and make sure you have a clear idea about how you can monetize it and make money.

Choosing The Right Platform To Blog

A blog platform is a special software that lets you easily create a blog without needing to do any coding. Your platform is where you can write, format, and edit your posts, as well as add photos and videos to your posts and customize your website appearance. 

When it comes to choosing a blog platform, there are plenty of choices available, including many great free ones. However, if you want to make money blogging you should take this part very serious 

I have prepared a step by step guide on how to create a website… You will find everything I used to create this website. Get the material and follow the steps to get your blog functioning immediately.

The reason why I am sharing this info is for you not to make the same mistake I made choosing the wrong platform when I first created my website. This made me switch and switch until I found the right platform to create the website of my choice. which I use till date.

How many employees do you need to start a blog

Starting off you need only one employee—not even full-time if that’s not what you can fit into your schedule.

International Potential

This business’s international potential increases if it’s translated into the major languages of the globe. English is widely accepted, however.

Online Marketing Techniques

  • Participating in newsgroups and discussion forums related to your target audience would be a great way to increase exposure of your blogs and the traffic to your Website.
  • Launching a strategic banner advertising campaign on topic-specific Websites would generate targeted exposure for your blog.
  • Develop links from as many Websites, directories, and meta-indexes related to the topic of your blog as you can.
  • Make sure your site is optimized for organic search engine positioning and also consider participating in pay-per-click campaigns with the more popular search engines.
  • Develop a sponsored listings campaign to bid on appropriate keyword phrases with the popular search engines.
  • Participating in publicly accessible opt-in mail lists related to the topic of your blog would be a great way to communicate with your target market.

Having a blog to Work For your Business

Hundreds of nonprofit organizations, small-business owners, consultants, newspapers, and schools have moved into the blogosphere.

Why? Blogs are simple to set up, easy to publish, and have a proven track record for increasing search engine traffic to a website.

For a company in which time is of the essence and accessibility is a necessity, blogs are a low-investment way to accomplish a lot. Don’t believe me? Then perhaps you’ll believe General Motors, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, The New York Times, and Southwest Airlines; all these companies have added blogs to their business practices.

Benefits of having a blog for your business

how to start a blog and make money

For a business or organization, you can use blog to release company public-relations documents to the public, or you can go further and introduce blogs as part of your external communications to your customers and potential customers.

Some companies use blogs internally to coordinate work teams or communicate across distances.

Here are a few of the ways businesses are using blogs:

  • Generating conversation and buzz about the company and its products or services
  • Reaching out with information and support to current customers, even resolving issues traditionally handled by phone-based customer service
  • Creating new pathways to interact with the public about an industry or issue, including gathering feedback and input to guide future product development
  • Defusing negative criticism or press by publicly addressing problems
  • Demonstrating expertise and experience to potential customers
  • Directly driving sales or action
  • Collaborating across teams, branches, regions, or staggered shifts

When it comes to business, the main thing that a business blogger should consider is that a blog can allow companies to improve their communications and organization with very little overhead. In some cases, blogs have even saved businesses money by delivering documents and data online that were previously delivered via mail.


In order to utilize your blog service to its full potential, you will want to invest in advanced blog tools as they are available. These tools today offer such things as e-mail notifications when updates are made, sending the blog content via e-mail to subscribers, and the option of collaborative authors; tomorrow, who knows, as this is a fast-changing environment.

You should have a Web traffic analysis package on the server that hosts your site so that you can show advertisers accurate information about your site traffic.

Additional income comes into play by charging a fee if the blog is educational or is an area of expertise. Also, you may be able to host a blog directory, be it all the same topic or various types of blogs. You can join the affiliate programs of providers of products or services that your target market may be interested in.

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