5 Tips To Become A Better Copywriter.

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5 Tips To Become A Better Copywriter.
How to become a copywriter

What is copywriting and how do you become a copywriter. Here in this post, I will give you 5 guides on how to become a copywriter.

Have you ever wondered how most entrepreneurs make tons of money from their business without getting suck in sales? Or you’ve imagined how possible they achieve the goals of mastering the skills to be successful?

The Truth be Told, You can’t become a copywriter overnight. There are tricks on how to become a better copywriter. which I am going to share with you

Before we get into these steps to become a copywriter, I will share with you how online content writing is taking over the marketing world and why copywriters are needed.

How Online Content Writing Is Taking Over the Marketing World

Today, online content writing is a killer dynamic industry.

Any competent online writer can now earn an income. On the flip side, marketers and businesses can achieve increased traffic, leads, and sales in a fantastic way—by publishing great content that answers questions, provides useful information and is engaging.

With millions of dollars per year now budgeted for content marketing, and the new role of CCO (Chief Content Officer)1 popping up as a vitally important full-time position in all kinds of companies, this field is growing.

More and more businesses are coming to realize the importance of having a consistent supply of high-quality content flowing from their companies to engage their viewers, visitors, and customers.

Providing online content that is useful and original is fundamentally a key to maintaining a competitive advantage in search rankings.

Content provides greater scope and depth, as well as a means of both outreach to (example: blog post), and feedback from (example: blog comments), consumers.

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The internet has become an invaluable tool for businesses that market both to consumers as well as to other businesses.

In turn, high-quality content publications (blogs, web pages, resource articles, and other content types) allow a business to achieve the marketing goals it deems necessary in the short term while preparing itself for a long-term investment in its chosen marketing channel.

Writing online content varies in complexity. Some content production tasks require detailed knowledge of the field you’re writing about.

Another content production requires only a general familiarity with the area you’re producing for.

Regardless of the field, you’re writing about, it’s important to know your audience well, and to utilize SEO writing tactics.

Depending on the depth of knowledge required, your content writing difficulty will vary.

The Idea of Good Online Writing

So, given the weight, Google has in deciding which sites make the cut. I mean, it only ranks or de-ranks you. what does good writing look like in Google’s eyes?

In reality, good content isn’t something that’s easily stuffed into a box and labeled. But, here are a few important features:

  • Appeals to the audience it’s written for
  • Gives the audience something useful
  • Is in-depth
  • Uses relevant keywords naturally
  • Informs the reader
  • Challenges the reader
  • Provides the reader with a takeaway message/key point
  • Answers the reader’s most important question(s)

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These main features fundamentally describe successful online content.

Good writing is the backbone for all content, both short and long-form, on the internet today. A piece of good writing seeks to communicate ideas and helps the reader understand a topic.

It gives them insight into a particular subject or question or makes them privy to information that they previously didn’t know. And, good content writing also includes the appropriate keywords for which the user was searching

The 2 Known Companies That Rely on Good Writing to Grow Their Brands

Over the past few years, more and more big-brand companies have begun capitalizing on the idea of good writing as a means of developing their business. Here are just a few.

1. Medium.


Currently, Medium is one of the “reading hubs” on the internet. I think of it as a virtual library. It has a lot of great content, published as “stories,” and written by a wide variety of well-known guest publishers and authors.

Medium positioned itself as an industry leader in long-form content right from the start. By inviting qualified, well-known, reputable authors to write for Medium, they set themselves up as an authority in the industry. They demonstrated that long-form content isn’t just alive—it’s marketable.

When Medium was released to the general public, its authors benefitted from the visibility and traffic they gained from their Medium posts. Content on this platform is definitely considered a cut above the rest.

Gary Vaynerchuk, Google’s team, the Red Cross, Buffer, and a variety of business owners, marketers, authors, and even millionaires have published content on Medium.

2. LinkedIn.

LinkedIn started offering a content publishing platform in the form of LinkedIn Pulse, which they describe as something “in-between a blog and social network.” As of 2015, over 50,000 pieces of content were published by LinkedIn Pulse authors every week

I wouldn’t recommend using Medium or LinkedIn as your only place of publishing. It would work best as another channel included in your content distribution, where you publish additional articles.

Besides LinkedIn and Medium, even more, platforms are converging to offer a place to publish long-form content

Many, many more platforms and businesses than just these three examples I’ve given are relying on good content, especially long-form content, to grow.

If you want to become a better copywriter you need a platform where you can start showcasing your copywriting skills

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Whether you’re an amateur or an expert in writing copies that coverts like magic, you would realize that to learn a new skill and become an expert is not an easy task. And copywriting is not an exemption.

Yes, it is always daunting! It happens to everyone, but the only way to gain mastery is to get started.

Yes! You have to start somewhere. It does not happen by chance, it happens by just doing it. “Just do it.”

In this article, I’ll walk you through five easy steps you can begin with so that you can have your way towards becoming a better copywriter.

Let’s Dive in!

To become a copywriter, Read Widely

According to library — Neil A. Armstrong — middle school; Dr Seuss sums it up by saying;
“The more that you read, the more things, you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go!”

There is no shortcut to becoming a successful copywriter, without being a voracious reader.

The only way to master your copywriting skill is to read unlimitedly.
Reading is a habit you must inculcate as a copywriter.

Read books written by successful copywriters and do not limit the scope of your reading to a particular field alone.

As you read, take note of the strategies used by those writers. Jot down or highlight important points for reference purpose.

Write down inspiring words that often appear in the book, word for word and read it out loud.

Why do I need to do this?

Good question!

You need to do it, because it is important and those words will come naturally to you when you are writing your own copy.

Books like — 100 Great copywriting ideas from leading companies around the world — by — Andy Maslen, can be of great help.

To become a copywriter, Subscribe And Follow Successful Copywriting Blog/Youtube Channel

Hundreds of bloggers and YouTube channels publish great content on copywriting skills every single week. useful to beginners and professionals.

Articles and videos on these sites give great insight into how you can hone your copywriting skills and become a professional in your target market.

Blogs like:

Follow YouTube channel like;

  • Startcopywriting
  • Danlok
  • Alex Cattoni
  • Jasoncapital

All these are great examples of blogs and channels you can get great content, that will gear you towards becoming a better and successful copywriter.

To become a copywriter, Choose A Niche And Stick To It

According to Dan Lok a Serial Entrepreneur — Developed industry- Specific expertise to bring MORE VALUE to your clients and make more money for yourself”

It is cool to be a generalist copywriter as an expert and professional, ranging from writing high converting content copies, sales copies, web copies, web content, landing page, and email copies.

But, here is the bitter truth.

“It is a great disaster for you as a beginner”

Why did you say so?

Good question!
“A jack of all trade, master of none!”
It is because it will not give you room to specialize and write great and outstanding content that will help boost sales for your company and for your clients.

It doesn’t give room for credibility. So, as a beginner, it is very vital that you stick to one form of copywriting. Then as you master one, you can take up another.

If you do this, you will stand out as a successful copywriter in your chosen industry.

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To become a copywriter, Build A Swipe File For Yourself

The secret of an effective and converting copy is not the creation of new and tricky words and pictures into new form”

See, let me be honest with you;

It’s not about creativity for the sake o being creative. It’s all about the strategies that work and doesn’t work.

Consider your swipe file to be a bank of idea where you store different samples of copies for reference purpose.

To build your swipe file using the samples of other high engaging copies, check out swipefile.com

Why do I need a swipe file?

Interesting question!

Swipe File is very vital in your copywriting career because, over the years, swipe file has proven to be a bank of ideas where copywriter get insight, when they experience writer’s block.

When they stir at their monitor blank without any idea of what to write, they flip back to swipe file.

You can always fall back to your swipe file to see what others have written similar to the topic/project you are working on.

Try it out, and see yourself full of ideas!

To become a copywriter, Write More And Practice More

“Your experience is one of the Most VALUABLE differentiators in the marketplace among competitors” Dan Lok

How can I gain experience as a beginner?

Beautiful one!

Learn by doing it — write and practice what you read and learn from other successful copywriters, their blog, and channel in your niche.

You learn by getting started, by writing bad copies, and rewriting that same copy, until it becomes a high converting copy.

It is a skill that you can master, by practicing, taking note of what works and what doesn’t work. It is a decision you must take.

When writing, you want your readers to focus and not confused. So, write the way you speak.

Make it easy for your readers to understand. Avoid idioms and phrases that could be misunderstood.

When writing, avoid too much use of “Me” “Our” “We” and “I”.

Instead, use a lot of YOU”
That way, your copy will be more compelling and personal, creating a sense of intimacy between you and your reader.

Finally, spend 80% of your time researching your topic and 20% of your time writing.

  • Research more!
  • Write More!
  • Practice more!
  • Keep it Simple!


As you already know that the journey towards mastery involves the discipline of oneself, and copywriting is not exempted. You need to master your copywriting skill. Gone are the days where copywriters only write ad copy.

As a copywriter, you are ever needed. When you showcase your skill and make your prospect understand why they need to hire you for a project. All this can only happen when you follow the five easy steps, to begin with.

It does not happen overnight, it’s a gradual process.

If you carefully follow and implement the strategies in this article, you are more than closer to Becoming a Better copywriter to your business and your client.


“Make it simple, memorable, inviting to look at. Make it fun to read in a conversational manner” Leo Burnett.

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