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effective communication in business
effective communication in business
effective communication in business

How important is effective communication in business. Have you ever run low on sales or you’ve probably noticed why your existing customers did not stop by to engage with your product/ service? You might be making one mistake that is costing you.

You might be wondering what it is; A reduction in the quality of goods?, An increment in the price of product/service?

Well these and many more can be a cause to the drastic reduction in sales, but the singular most expensive skill you are lacking as an entrepreneur is; 

Lack of Effective Communication in your business

Imagine a business without sales, it is just like living without fulfilling your purpose. Because, the one singular purpose of establishing a business is to make sales, a massive one to be precise.

Communication in business is the way and manner you interact with your employees, colleagues and customers. As sales is the life blood of any business, so also is communication important so as to be able to persuade customers to buy your product.

Effective Communication in business is the accurate use of communication skills to enhance the cordial relationship between your business and employees, co-workers and customers, in order to boost sales and improve the status quo of the business or organization.

The ability to persuade your customers to buy from you through the spoken or written word is a skill you must acquire, as it helps determines the life span of your business.

If you are a shy type, and words always fail you during this process, you are not alone. It is a skill that is learnable. Approach it with the right mindset, and you are good to go.

If after attending webinar and you enrolled in a communication course, you still find this challenging, then;

  • 1.  Practice speaking in front of a mirror
  • 2. Make an audio record of yourself while speaking

Continuous practice of this will breed change. And this in turn will help you build confidence in yourself, helping you communicate effectively with your employees, employer, co-workers, customers.

Why is effective communication important in business?

It is important to note that, the more effectively you can communicate and persuade people to buy from you, the more customers you win and retain for your business, the more sales you make.

Here are some important reasons you should learn to communicate effective in your business.

It helps improve all areas of your business from a friendly interaction with your employees and suppliers, to customers and those who stop by to engage with your business through referrals. You’ll realise that the more effective you become in communicating your ideas in your business, the more height your business will attain and keep your customers coming back to you.

Your customers get to trust you more because they believe in how you can communicate solutions to their problems. Here, they get to buy from you even when they never wanted to, because, you communicated to them that your business can be trusted.

It builds a cordial relationship between you, your workers and customers. Your customers automatically becomes part of the business and buy from you whenever they stop by.

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