How to Start And Make Money With Educational Products Online

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How to Start And Make Money With Educational Products Online
Educational Products

The sale and promotion of educational products online is a popular and growing business. Already there are online schools and courses that are accessible at any time from anywhere in the world. Downloadable educational software holds major possibilities in the future of learning. Niche-marketing opportunities can be exploited by choosing a particular set of subjects or age groups to cater to.

Becoming the benchmark for a particular field of study would be wise considering that there are and will continue to be many Websites offering educational materials via download.

Skills Needed For Educational Products

It is a good idea to have a background in the education market and some awareness of product availability in this market. You should have basic Web publishing skills and proper writing capabilities.

Cost to Start Selling Educational Products Online

The cost to start the ball rolling with your educational products online business consists of developing the Website. Depending on how extensive the website is, and assuming that you will want to sell the products online, the estimated cost to start-up is $500 to $1,000.

Number of Employees Needed to Start Selling Educational Products

During the onset of this online business, one experienced individual should be capable of running things.

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Marketing Techniques For Educational Products

Your site should be simple and user-friendly, not to mention easily found on the Internet’s search engines and on education-related Websites. We recommend the following techniques for marketing your business online:

  • Organic search engine optimization as well as developing a sponsored listings campaign to bid on appropriate keyword phrases with the popular search engines.
  • Developing a comprehensive links strategy. Links should be established with affiliated learning sites and suppliers of educational products.
  • Real reviews and testimonials from users of the products available for sale on your site should be published on the site as well as in appropriate e-zines and newsletters.
  • Viral marketing strategies like Tell a Friend should be employed.
  • Permission marketing techniques should be employed. Ask visitors if they would like to be notified via e-mail when you add new educational products to your product offering. The updates could also be provided by RSS feed.
  • You could have regular contests where the prize is one of your educational products or, alternatively, you could find other contest sites and


The first thing to do when setting up this business is to establish a production base and define relationships with suppliers of these products. One must make sure that the wares that are provided are respected educational tools and materials within the subjects you concentrate on.

The prices have to be competitive, and the content on your site should be geared to attract the buyer of the products, not necessarily the end-user.

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Additional Income

Educational products and downloads are among the most widely distributed items on the Internet. As the market expands, quality will decrease. There is value in a rating system or guide that helps users make the right choice. Turning a portion of your site into a product review message board would be a wise idea. The traffic generated from this could lead to advertising opportunities.

If the products are suitable for all languages, the global potential is huge. The subject areas of the educational products you provide will determine how international the market is.

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