5 Mistakes The Youths Are Making In Life

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5 Mistakes The Youths Are Making In Life

5 Mistakes youths are making in life

Youths spend money on trivial things.

Most youths want to have fun, and also want to enjoy their lives and feel among others.
They look at others and want to be like them, Buy what they buy, and live the way they live.

As a young person, your primary assignment should be to build a solid financial foundation for your life.

To do this, you need to acquire the habit of saving and investing. 

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Youths think school is good enough to get rich.

The Truth is, your education truly starts the day you are out of college.
The real world is different from the classroom.

Successful people are people who educate themselves more after they have left college.

Unfortunately, most young people stopped learning after graduating from college, and that is a big mistake that leads to poverty.

Youths tend to give up easily.

It’s too easy to quit when something feels too hard. Pushing through a hard time is a process for you to become successful. When things start getting a little tough don’t ever think of quitting just keep on pushing through. 

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Youths invest without researching.

Hearing stories of people who have made millions investing in the stock market can be tempting to invest. But don’t do that.

Investing is not as easy as you think it is.
If you invest wrongly you will lose your money.

Before you invest, you need to do some research. 

Youths blame their parents for their misfortune.

The truth is your parents owe you nothing, and you have no excuse to give an excuse.

You are the only person responsible for everything on how you want your life to be, your failure or success is in your hands, and not your parents.

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