4 Methods of effective Internet marketing

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4 Methods of effective Internet marketing
effective Internet marketing

Understanding Internet marketing isn’t easy, but it can be simple. Much of the problem individuals have with Internet marketing is the thought process that it is just another “get rich quick” method of business. In this article, you will discover a systematic method of effective Internet marketing. These four methods can be considered the backbone of Internet marketing as well as the foundation of success.

And, while there are “overnight companies,” it’s easy to forget the time invested before overnight success, much like an athlete from a small town, being drafted in the first round or winning an Olympic event. Just because the public didn’t see the struggle doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

For those willing to put in the work, however, businesses can grow faster and more efficient than ever before, thanks to Internet marketing and growth hacking.

While there are seemingly endless examples of advice (both good and bad) in regards to effective Internet marketing, there are four methods that can never be overlooked.
These four, fundamental methods that make up the backbone of effective Internet marketing are as follows: relationships, direct response copywriting, content marketing, and valuable products.


Perhaps the most fundamental method is developing strong, personal relationships with customers. Whether this means individual connection or overall audience connection often depends on the company in question.

Either way, the method reminds business owners that keeping a working relationship is much easier than starting a new one.

Hunting for new customers is time-consuming and expensive. Finding new leads have troubled businesses for years, whether it is a brick and mortar store or an online publication. It’s easier to ask a loyal customer to return than it is to bring in a new one off the street. Know the value of your customers and let them know their value.

In order to do so, it’s vital to create an environment worthy of their interest. Much like a dim-light store, no one wants to visit a poorly managed or weakly designed website more than once.

Beyond these seemingly obviously aspects, remember that customers (whether you’re selling products or seeking readers) want to see new information and that is what brings them running back for more.

Following these steps will not only bring customers back, but it will encourage those same customers to spread your message for you, reducing the price of advertising and only inviting new members from word-of-mouth.


Customers spread the word when they feel respected and believe in a product or source of information. Always have respect for your audience and let your audience know this mutual respect exists.

Respect comes in the form of your audience and your market. Focus on the needs of the market and the audience as if nothing else matters, because, essentially, nothing else does matter without your loyal customers.

Put their needs above the needs of the company and the company will strive from this foundation of respect. Commit to a level of excellence and expel this excellence onto your customer base.

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Direct Response Copywriting

Most readers will quickly notice that the most-read sites keep up with social media trends and highlight those articles, reports and videos so users can quickly find them on their sites.

Since the national attention span has reduced to milliseconds, it’s important to feature the most up-to-date stories upfront for new viewers, much like featuring new products in the front window of a neighbourhood store.

Whether a site displays recent events or creates its own, it’s absolutely crucial to have solid copywriting techniques to spread the word. Try to come up with an amazing headline to catch the reader’s attention in a way that flatters and informs.

In this regard, it’s actually important to not be overly subtle to make sure the point hits home. Many sites may even use a pun to highlight the story and put a smile on the reader’s face.

After designing the perfect headline, move on to a well-written, informative, strategically placed, layout. This will cause action within the reader, whether that means moving to the next step of purchasing a product or clicking to the next link within the website.

These traditional techniques that date back to businesses or newspapers decades before still work as efficiently as ever before. Stick to the basics of integrity and to-the-minute information with beautiful layouts.

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Content Marketing

In addition to the headlines and layout, the next feature to deliver is great content. Make sure to find the best information and deliver informative, grammatically correct information, written by creditable writers. For those who find themselves too busy to write their own information, outsourcing is available from various freelance websites.

Once the initial content has been delivered, it’s important to keep delivering great content. A handful of articles here and there are never enough. Set up a routine and continue to deliver on a regular schedule, much like feeding a pet. Stay focused and keep on a strategic schedule of content to please readers and inform newcomers of information.

In addition to the scheduled content, consider offering benefits to the reader on another systemized schedule. This can include seasonal discounts or free ebooks from time to time to give an example.

In addition to discounts and free information, offer other benefits that result directly in the exchange of money in exchange for a product or to better promote the business in the form of a donation, if your business fits this model.

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Valuable Products

The final piece of the puzzle is to have a valuable product. While it’s discouraging to see others selling lower-quality goods to make a large income, this is no reason to do so yourself. If you are unable to create something worth selling, find something valuable to buy and sell for profit.

More than likely, readers have an idea of what they want to sell, even if the idea is new and somewhat fuzzy. The truth is, everyone is in the business of sales. Whether individuals are selling ideas, services, downloads, or products, each can create wealth while providing a valuable service to clients.

After finding something truly valuable, make sure it is worth the price marked. When coming up with a price for a product or service, it’s important to factor in the priceless value of the reader’s attention. Because public attention is such a valuable commodity, it can never be overlooked and must be cherished for what it is to the owner.

If a company asks for attention rather than money, this time and attention must be seen as valuable as monetary income. While it may seem less valuable at first, it is the initial step in which to make something worth attention worthy of actual dollar bills.

While this seems confusing, consider companies like Instagram or Snapchat, which have both been offered billions of dollars for a service that previously made no actual income as a service.

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